Charlie Sheen’s Manager Responds To Jenny McCarthy For ‘STD Phobic’ And Ignorant Comments About HIV

Charlie Sheen’s manager has responded to Jenny McCarthy’s comments in regard to Sheen’s HIV status. As the Inquisitr reported, McCarthy sounded off on her radio show about the Two and a Half Men’s reveal to Matt Lauer.

The former co-star said that those working in Hollywood had to sign a paper to disclose any information about possible cold sores. So, because of that, McCarthy wondered why Charlie Sheen didn’t disclose his HIV status to those working on Two and a Half Men. McCarthy, who played Sheen’s love interest on the show for eight episodes, seemed paranoid about the whole thing.

“Being on Two and a Half Men myself and being on the show and playing a love interest you would think there would be some type of—I don’t want to say—criminal issue but I don’t even know how to feel about that. That could’ve been some valuable information.”

The actress went on to say that she’s STD phobic and even more so because of her son Evan’s health.

“If I have to be upfront about a herpes how could you not be upfront about HIV? I look back and I’m like, ‘OK, that would have been some valuable information.’ I mean look how many people have played his love interest on the show.”

Many people were outraged by Jenny’s comments about Charlie Sheen, most likely because McCarthy, who only shared saliva with Sheen during her time on Two and a Half Men, seemed ignorant about how one contracted HIV.

Now, Sheen’s manager Mark Burg has responded to McCarthy’s comments. According to the Wrap, Sheen’s manager said in response, “Charlie was infected long after he left Two and a Half Men and long after he worked with Jenny.”

While McCarthy’s comments were labeled as insensitive by many, the former View co-host said that she does sympathize with Sheen, but according to the actress, he should have taken responsibility and alerted people about his status when he learned four years ago about his condition.

As Sheen told Matt Lauer on the TODAY show, the reason why he wanted to get things out in the open is because people whom he did tell, who he thought were friends, were trying to blackmail him with this information. He said that he had to pay upwards to $10 million to people over the years, who threatened to take the news public. Now that he’s in financial straits because of this, he has decided to open up about his diagnosis.

When he was first diagnosed, Sheen said it was a “hard three letters to absorb … It’s a turning point in one’s life.” According to the actor, ex wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller were tested and do not have HIV. Many suspect that it came from one of his “goddesses” which were women he solicited for sex during his PR meltdown in 2011.

According to his doctor, he does not have AIDS and should live a long life if he takes all of his medication every single day for the rest of his life. Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen, came forward to support Charlie as he went public with the news. Charlie’s father told a crowd at an event that he was proud of his son and couldn’t get over the amount of courage Charlie had on the TODAY show, despite his previous reluctance to come forward with the news.

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