Verizon FiOS Quantum Reaches 300Mbps Speeds

Verizon on Monday announced Verizon FiOS Quantum, a new high-speed internet service that delivers users speeds up to 300Mbps (down) and 65Mbps (up). The service is not cheap with a monthly cost of $205 on a two-year contract or $210 without a contract.

Based on those speeds Verizon is calling the new system the “fastest mass scale residential service in the US.”

Using Verizon FiOS Quantum users should be able to download a 2-hour long high-definition movie in just 2.2 minutes while connecting up to 14 devices to a single fiber optic connection at one time.

Users can also chose the Verizon 150/65 plan which still provides 4.4 minute downloading times for a 2-hour high-definition movie or the 75/35 service which is considerably cheaper at $145/month. Verizon also offers a $120/month plan with 50/25 speeds capable of downloading a 2-hour high-definition movie in just 13.3 minutes.

Verizon FiOS users using older hardware will be required to upgrade their hardware in order to receive faster speeds while some legacy users may find that their old plans are now more expensive to maintain based on Verizon’s new pricing structure. For example the 15/5 plan is now $10 more per month than it was before the Verizon FiOS Quantum pricing plan was introduced, yet customers receive no added benefit.

Verizon’s price increase for 15/5 service users is meant to attract those customers to higher speed plans that come with a higher pricing ceiling.

Will you be making the jump over to Verizon’s new 300Mbps plan or will you stick to your current Verizon FiOS plan?