Metta World Peace Slams James Harden On Twitter After NBA Game 3 Foul

Metta World Peace has a hard time living up to his new name, especially when it comes to dissing Thunder forward James Harden.

Last time World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) was given a seven-game suspension for blasting Harden in the head with his elbow, but it seems that suspension has done little to deter him from trashing Harden, at least on Twitter, according to
The Washington Post.

Sunday’s Game 3 of the NBA Finals saw Harden’s continued issues, failing to score in the double digits. With his team down by three points at 16 seconds left in the game, Harden was called for a blocking foul after he got in the way of LeBron James roughly 30 feet away from the basket, according to Yahoo News.

Ultimately, the Thunder saw a loss to the Miami heat by 91-85. Immediately after the play, Metta World Peace tweeted, “No brain All beard,” a referral to the bad play and Harden’s noticeable facial hair.

The Huffington Post reports that soon after the comment, World Peace predicted that Harden will make a big shot later on in the series. He tweeted soon after, “Harden will hit a big shot right now Watch out.

Looking back on his own plays, however, The L.A. Lakers player has no room to talk, especially his play against the New Orleans Hornets, which was almost the Lakers’ undoing. The horrific inbound pass caused the announcer to note that it was the worst play he ever saw in basketball.

Yahoo News points out, however, that Metta World Peace is complicated, and can go from a heckler who disses other players to someone worthy of the league’s citizenship award in a matter of minutes.