Anna Duggar Appears To Be Changing Duggar Clothing Rules

Anna Duggar is going through a lot right now, and new pictures have everyone wondering if she has decided to change the Duggar clothing rules when it comes to her family. If you have ever watched 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggar family doesn’t show off very much skin. The girls wear skirts or dresses, and they don’t wear swimsuits at all. Now, Yahoo is sharing that a new picture of Anna Duggar’s little girl has everyone wondering if she is not following the normal clothing rules and is doing things a different way for her daughters.

In this photo, Meredith is being held by Amy Duggar’s husband, Dillon King. She looks adorable, but Anna Duggar’s daughter is wearing pants. This is something that Duggar women just don’t do at all. The Duggars have actually allowed some of the younger girls to wear pants under their dresses until they make sure they know how to sit the right way.

As you can see in this picture, Meredith Duggar is wearing jeans, but is not wearing a dress with it. The youngest Duggar girl does look adorable, but it is not what everyone is used to seeing a female in the Duggar family wearing. A lot of people think that pants are more modest than skirts, but one person explained the difference in the comments on this post.

“No because pants show curves and show the outline of parts. If you are talking about if pants are more modest when you are working out, riding a motorcycle, etc. then yes, pants are more modest. If you are just doing day-to-day things, then skirts are more modest. That is just my opinion though. So many people have different opinions than me and that is just fine.”

The Duggars are known for not wearing pants and also for their courting ways. If a Duggar girl is interested in a man, they will court each other, not kiss or even front hug and then save every bit of this until their wedding day. Sometimes they will decide to hold hands once they are engaged, but the Duggars save their first kiss for their wedding day. At this time, Anna Duggar has not shared her thoughts on this one, but she is being very quiet ever since Josh was caught in a cheating scandal.

As Starpulse shared, the Duggar girls can’t normally wear anything that shows off their legs. This means they can’t even wear short skirts, either, they must be long ones that are close to the ground. There is a lot of speculation that this could be Anna Duggar finally taking control of her life and moving away from the Duggar family. She might be deciding to move on and do things her own way with her four children. At this time, Josh and Anna have not decided that they are going to get a divorce, but they could end up changing their mind about staying together, as well. Josh is allegedly still in rehab, but rumors have been flying that the Duggars brought him home already and just aren’t telling anyone about it yet.

Do you think that Anna Duggar should allow her little girl to wear pants? Do you think that Anna might be rebelling against the Duggars now? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the Duggars when they return to television for a few specials that are all about Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. These will start airing in December on TLC, but Josh Duggar will not be on the show. Hopefully, Anna Duggar will make an appearance, but that has not been confirmed.

[Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]