Porsha Williams Upset People Brought Up Duke Williams’ Strippers And Transgender Model Rumors, Duke Tweets About ‘New Baby’

Porsha Williams would have preferred that her friends and The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars kept their mouths shut about the rumors that Duke Williams, while dating her, was also seeing strippers and a transgender model. In her latest BravoTV.com blog post, posted on Wednesday, Porsha admitted that she was shocked to hear everyone commenting on the rumors about Duke at the going away party that she threw for him. Porsha explained that she told everyone how important the party was and how much she wanted Duke to feel love and support. She revealed that after she saw what people said, she was upset and told each person who talked about the rumors how she felt.

“I was shocked as hell. Honestly, I didn’t know all that gossiping was going on. Later when I found out, I was p***ed. I was really upset because, as you can see, I put a lot into that freaking party. I felt like I had prepped everybody, I had pulled all my friends to the side and told everybody, ‘This party’s for Duke, I’m so excited. We’re going to send him off, he’s going to go and kill it this season. I want him to feel love and support.’ And later on when I see all this negative energy was in his party, I was really upset with each person, and I had to talk to each individual about how I felt.”

Porsha did not confirm whether she’s still dating Duke. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Porsha posted a tweet in September that seemingly criticized Duke for moving on to another woman, one who will help him get his repossessed item back and pay for her own flights to see him. She has also not posted any photos of Duke for a while.

On Wednesday, Duke hinted that he has a new girl.

Sunday night’s episode showed Porsha Williams throwing an elaborate surprise party for Duke Williams, whom she has been dating for few months and who plays for the Buffalo Bills, before the start of the football season. Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks, and Cynthia Bailey attended the celebration, along with about a hundred of Porsha’s other friends and family members. Yet Duke, instead of reciprocating Porsha’s feelings, just seemed to be stunned and uneasy with all of the attention.

“This is over-the-top. I wasn’t expecting this at all. This is crazy.”

Duke’s friend, who was with him, agreed that Porsha’s “a lot” and had to remind him to stay at the party or else Porsha’s feelings would be hurt. At the party, Porsha gushed over Duke, made a speech on a stage about their relationship, and even presented him with a Most Valuable Player award, for being the most valuable person in her life.

“I want to ask everybody to open your heart to what we have, because to me, it’s everything. I’m giving you the MVP award because you are the MVP to me.”

Yet not everyone was entirely supportive of Porsha’s relationship with Duke, especially after she said that she and the much younger Duke were going to look into buying a house together. Her friends, including Kandi, brought up that there are rumors going around that Duke has also been seeing strippers and a transgender model. Phaedra commented that she’s not going to judge Duke since Jesus himself hung around with Mary Magdalene and people with leprosy. Cynthia said that while she’s happy for Porsha, she wants her to take her brain with her along with following her heart.

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance on Sunday after The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, Kenya Moore brought up Kandi Burress’ comments about Duke Williams cheating on Porsha Williams. When asked by a viewer why she was so negative with Sheree Whitfield upon seeing her at Cynthia Bailey’s eyewear party, despite not really knowing her, Kenya said that she was just saying what other people have been saying. Kenya pointed out that Kandi brought up the rumors surrounding Duke.

“I don’t think I went hard on Sheree. I think that I was just answering the questions that were asked. Even on [Sunday night’s] episode, we saw Kandi talk about Porsha’s guy dating some transgender [woman]. We’ve heard girls talk about other girls and deliver the news. I was just delivering the news.”

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