Duggar Family Midwife Says Woman Attending Jessa's Birth Had No License Or Training, Jill's Midwife Speaks Out

The Duggar family midwife service, A Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery, that helped train Jill Dillard to sit for her Certified Professional Midwife exam says that Jessa Seewald did not have a licensed midwife at her birth. A midwife with the group, Sarah Katherine Walker, went on further to say that she has personally witnessed the woman attending Jessa's birth make unwise decisions in the past, and that though the woman calls herself a midwife, she has no license or training of any sort. The midwife service, who is still very close to the Duggars, say that they are not out to bash the Duggars for their birthing choices, but rather just wanted to clear the air about accusations that their midwives were involved in Jill and Jessa's births. Therefore, they clearly state that the midwives from A Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery did not attend births for either Duggar daughters. However, following the somewhat heated post to the midwife's Facebook page, Jill's midwife came forward stating there is a lot of inaccurate information surrounding Jill's birth and her role in that birth.

A Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery has taken to Facebook to clear their name regarding Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald's scary home birth experiences. The midwife group was featured on 19 Kids and Counting in the past as Jill and Jana were training under the group's midwives. However, despite their connection, the group says that neither Jill nor Jessa used their services for their births.

Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery and Duggars
A Mommy's Butterfly Midwifery says that they were not involved in either Jill or Jessa's home births. [Image via Facebook]Following the post, many followers of the page wanted to know more details and for the women to elaborate as to exactly what they mean by "Jessa and Jill made decisions that do not fairly reflect home birth nor the care of midwives." With all of the questions, a midwife in the group, Sarah Katherine Walker, responded by noting that Jessa Seewald didn't even have a licensed midwife at her birth.

Duggar midwife speaks out, says no midwife at Jessa birth
The licensed midwife says that Jessa did not have a trained midwife at her birth. [Image via Facebook]As the licensed midwife notes, the woman attending Jessa's birth was not licensed and has had no formal training. Walker says that she has personally witnessed the person who was handling Jessa's birth make "very unwise decisions at a birth" in the past. She does not mention Jill Dillard's birth any further or why she felt it did not "fairly reflect home birth." However, the comment apparently got to Jill's midwife, as she came forward in the comments section, noting that she is licensed and that there are many false accusations going around about Jill's birth. Joy "Covault" Coonfield outed herself as Jill's midwife in the comments section and noted that "just because someone plans a home birth, and winds up in the hospital does not mean the midwife is at fault."

Jill Dillard's midwife
Jill Dillard's midwife outs herself in heated post regarding the Duggar daughter's home birth choices. [Image via Facebook]The midwife notes that she attended Jill's birth and is a Licensed Professional Midwife, the same certification that Jill recently obtained. She notes that she is trained to know when to transfer a client to the hospital and that many people are continuing to "spread lies" about Jill's birth. She did not go into any further detail, likely due to HIPPA regulations, but seems to be standing by Jill's birth decisions.

Others on the post came to Jill's midwife's defense, claiming that there was more to the birth than was disclosed on television. In fact, one person on the post says that Jill's midwife was investigated and cleared in relations to the Duggar daughter's birth. That same person claims that the midwife was not properly informed by Jill or her assistant to know that Jill had been in labor for so long or having difficulties. Instead, it was noted that the midwife never even made it to the birth, due to lack of communication by Jill's team at her home.

Duggar home births
An anonymous poster on Facebook provided more details about the Duggar daughter's home births. [Image via Facebook]Though Joy came out as Jill's midwife, she was not Jessa's midwife. It seems that Jessa was not attended by a midwife at all as the midwifery group stated. What do you think about Jessa Seewald choosing not to use a certified midwife during her home birth? What do you think about the response posted by Jill Dillard's midwife?

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