Ryan Gosling, SNL Host? Actor To Host 'Saturday Night Live' In December

Actor Ryan Gosling will host Saturday Night Live for the first time in December. NBC confirmed the news of the Oscar-nominated actor coming on board as a host via the network's official website.

A photograph featuring a series of colored note cards posted on a wall provided the line-up for the last three Saturday Night Live episodes of the year.

Ryan Gosling Saturday Night Live
(Photo Credit: NBC)

According to the report, Gosling is scheduled to host the long-running sketch comedy series on December 5. That first episode of the month will also feature another first-timer in musical guest Leon Bridges.

Ryan Gosling is definitely not known for showcasing his funny and humorous side on the big screen. Most of the movies that the 35-year-old actor has added to his resume over the years have focused on his dramatic acting skills rather than his comic timing.

However, quite a few of his roles have allowed him to lighten up and show off the funny side of his versatility as an actor.

For instance, in the 2007 comedy-drama film Lars and the Real Girl, Ryan Gosling played Lars - a socially inept young man that developed a romantic relationship with an anatomically correct doll.

Gosling even showed off his funny side during a March 2008 interview with The Guardian about his mother's reaction to his involvement with the film.
"My poor mother, she doesn't ask questions any more. She just says, 'Oh yeah, sex-doll movie. It's great!' She's a really supportive mom."
Ryan also starred in the 2011 romantic comedy, Crazy Stupid Love, which also starred Steve Carell and Julianne Moore.In the box-office hit movie, Ryan played Jacob Palmer - a ladies man who tried to transform a family man with a troubled marriage and ends up being transformed himself along the way.

Starring alongside Steve Carell in any type of comedy film usually brings the funny side out of every actor and actress that shares a scene with him. Ryan Gosling definitely exceeded expectations with his performance, and he found a clever way to get laughs while pulling heartstrings at the same time.

During a July 2011 with Collider to promote the film, Ryan Gosling talked about how much he enjoyed the experience of finally working alongside Steve Carell - an opportunity that he apparently wanted for a long time.

"I just love Steve Carell, always wanted to work with Steve. When I first moved to Los Angeles I did a pilot, was 17, had a small part, so did Steve. We didn't get to work together but he was so funny I would go to set just to watch him work. One time the boom guy just threw down his mic and had a laughing attack in the corner in the middle of a take. It was the first time I worked with someone who was so good it was a problem. I became a huge fan."
Gosling further explained that he enjoying watching Steve Carell on The Daily Show and in all of his movies, so he "decided to jump" at the chance of finally working with him.

Gosling also had the chance to reunite with Carell recently as the two are starring in the highly-anticipated film, The Big Short, together as well.

Perhaps with his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Ryan Gosling will finally have the chance to shine a spotlight on his own ability to cause hysterical laughter with his comic timing. SNL fans and critics will just have to wait until December 12 to find out for themselves.

(Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)