Zayn Malik’s Creative Process, Misses Mouth, ‘Respects’ Perrie Edwards

On November 16, Zayn Malik shocked fans around the world by revealing insider details about relationships of a romantic nature between individual members of One Direction.

However, the real shocker for fans that wanted to see Perrie Edwards marry Zayn Malik was that he stated in an interview with the Fader that he loves her and he’d never do anything to hurt her.

Over the past couple of weeks, tensions have been running high with Zayn Malik fans because they learned things may not be completely over between Zayn and Perrie Edwards. Just a few days before Zayn Malik’s reveal-all interview, insiders told Now that he had been texting back and forth with Perrie for awhile.

In fact, Zayn Malik recently rebuked the rumors that were perpetrated by the Sun that he broke up with Perrie Edwards in a text message. According to the Fader interview, Zayn Malik said that he simply respected Perrie Edwards too much to break up with her in such a manner, and stated the following.

“I have more respect for Perrie than to end anything over text message. I love her a lot, and I always will, and I would never end our relationship over four years like that. She knows that, I know that, and the public should know that as well. I don’t want to explain why or what I did, I just want the public to know I didn’t do that.”

According to the Daily Mail, the troubling matter in this situation is that Zayn Malik is not releasing information about why he ended the engagement with Perrie Edwards — or why he may be dating other people (if he in fact still loves her).

But could Zayn Malik have a lot of frustration he needs to work out about the break up with Perrie Edwards and the fact that he left One Direction?

In the article with the Fader, the interviewer seems to disagree with Zayn Malik’s proclamation that he is an “easy-going” guy. Instead, the interviewer paints a landscape of Zayn Malik’s home in England as having “an eerie feeling of boyhood bumping up against something darker” and state the following.

“Boxed on his porch is a high-powered Predator CarbonLite crossbow. A rope bridge leads past graffitied plywood reading ‘F*** this life’ to a garden shed that… appears to have been shot up by paintballs … And dead center, at the focal point of all this, standing with its head wrenched back, is a fighting dummy—one of those big, [muscled] torsos that you can practice punching or, in Zayn’s case, fire into hundreds of times with arrows.”

However, one of the most shocking things about his interview with the Fader was the lack of romantic relationships that went on in One Direction.

In a rebuttal to Zayn Malik’s Fader interview, Hollywood Life reports that Harry Styles said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, “you can cut the tension with a knife.”

While things may be tense with the rest of One Direction, Zayn Malik is evidently still friends with Liam Payne. In fact, the Daily Mail points out that Liam is the only member of One Direction that Zayn Malik has talked to in the recent past.

Also, it may be that Zayn Malik is going through a creative chrysalis period. While he was with One Direction, Zayn Malik told the Fader that he spent “countless” nights working on his own music with a guitar and his laptop. He also said that this was his “therapy” — and it is that type of quiet time that Zayn Malik finds he is able to write and record music best.

Adding to this, recording studio legend Malay has helped Zayn Malik to find the quiet he needs to work outside of “the circus of Los Angeles studios.” For example, when Malay talks about Zayn Malik’s mobile recording studio sessions, Malay says they liked to work in the woods and states the following.

“That’s where Zayn got into archery, shooting at trees in the downtime while their generator regained electricity, and it’s where they laid down some of their favorite vocal tracks, backed by the soft hum of the woods.”

As far as clues from Zayn Malik himself about whether he’s the angry person with a weapons collection the Fader interviewer described or a soulful easy-going guy he sees in the mirror, it is clear Zayn Malik might have the last laugh. A couple of days after the Fader interview was released, Zayn posted a picture of the cover on Instagram with the caption “missed my mouth.”

[Picture by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]