‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Long-Running Character Being Killed Off For Good

Days of Our Lives fans have been through a whirlwind of emotions over the course of the past few months. Beloved characters are being murdered, Bo Brady is dying from a brain tumor, other characters are returning to Salem for the first time in years, and the drama is extremely high. However, another cast member may be saying goodbye to Salem and for good this time.

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers by Realty Today, Salem’s resident bad guy, Stefano DiMera, will be killed off and won’t be coming back. It’s rumored that actor Joseph Mascolo, who plays Stefano on the long-running soap opera, is in failing health and will be leaving the show for good.

While Days of Our Lives fans know that Stefano DiMera has been killed off many times in the past, he is a DiMera, and the family is known for rising from the ashes, hence Stefano’s nickname: The Phoenix. Unfortunately, Mascolo, 86, seemingly can’t perform as he used to, and with the arrival of Andre DiMera in town, it seems that a new era of DiMera is about to take over.

Andre already has Sami Brady being kept prisoner in hopes of getting valuable information about his father’s accounts from her. However, Sami, who believes that her husband, EJ DiMera, could still be alive, isn’t talking, and it will be up to her mom and stepfather, Marlena and John, to try and help her out of the latest mess she’s gotten herself into.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives viewers have been totally caught up in everyone else’s drama as well. Bo Brady returned to Salem just in time to save his wife, Hope Brady, from being killed by Aiden Jennings, and in turn killed Aiden himself in self-defense. Bo and Hope reconciled only to find out that Bo is actually dying from a brain tumor.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that Shawn Brady’s wife, Belle Black, will be back next week, and the couple have been hiding a serious secret: they’re on the verge of divorce. In a newly released sneak peek clip, Shawn is heard telling Belle that he’s already forgiven her for cheating on him once and that he’d be a fool to do it again. Did Belle cheat on Shawn again? Later, Belle tells her parents, John and Marlena, that she and Shawn are over and that they’re getting a divorce. Can their marriage be saved now that they’re back home in Salem?

Perhaps the biggest drama on Days of Our Lives right now is happening to Abigail Deveraux. She’s been kidnapped by her fiance, Ben Weston, who she recently found out is the necktie killer who murdered Paige Larson, Serena Mason, and Will Horton. Ben took Abby to a remote location and she’s since gone into premature labor with what she believes to be Ben’s baby.

However, spoilers reveal that Abigail will have the baby, which will be a boy, and she believes the child looks like Chad. Will she immediately know that it’s Chad’s baby? All the while, Chad is scrambling to find Abigail and save her, but will have the tables turned on him when Ben captures him as well? Ben will then pour gasoline on the bed where Chad and Abby are chained and light a match, taking the baby and leaving them to burn.

What a great time to be a Days of Our Lives fan. The drama is high, and no matter what you think about the cast comings and goings, there is no lack of entertainment value.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]