Rob Kardashian Refusing To Be In Family Christmas Card

The annual Kardashian Christmas card is always really elaborate and gorgeous. The entire family gets together and has these pictures taken. Now, it turns out that Rob Kardashian is not going to be in the card this year. Hollywood Life shared the news that Rob is refusing to join the family, and even though reports are out that he has lost weight, Rob’s size is what is keeping him from wanting to do the card once again. A source spoke out about Rob’s thoughts on doing the card this year.

“Rob is still struggling, he’s made progress but he still isn’t comfortable being seen in public. He doesn’t want to be on their Christmas card, he’s said he won’t do it this year, it’s causing a lot of drama.”

Back in 2013, the Kardashian Christmas card didn’t have Rob in it. They did a gorgeous card that was a version of Las Vegas with everyone wearing formal wear. In 2014, the Kardashians actually didn’t even have a card, but Kim said they just “couldn’t get it together.” Kanye West also refused to be in the card. It will be interesting to see if they convince Kanye to do it this year. There are also a few other questions about who will be in the card. Kris Jenner is very serious with Corey Gamble, and Kylie Jenner is dating Tyga. Khloe Kardashian is dating James Harden, but they aren’t very serious, so he probably won’t be in the card. A Kardashian Christmas card without Scott Disick sounds crazy, but since Kourtney and Scott split, there is no reason for him to be in it. The other question is if they will allow Caitlyn Jenner to join them, but probably not considering Kris and Caitlyn aren’t always on the best of terms.

Hollywood Life shared that Rob Kardashian has also been changing a lot of other things recently. He moved out of Khloe’s home so that he could get some independence and start working on his life again. Rob did still leave some of his stuff at Khloe’s, so you can assume that he will be back and forth. Hopefully moving out on his own means that Rob Kardashian is getting close to having a comeback and letting the world see him again. It just won’t be on the Kardashian Christmas card.


The Kardashian girls recently had a big birthday party for Kris Jenner for her 60th birthday, but Rob Kardashian didn’t even come to that one and a source shared how much the girls wanted him there.

“All the girls want Kris’ party to be a family affair. They absolutely 100-percent want and need Rob’s presence. Each of them have called him and told him how much they love him, and how special and equally important it is for him to commit to attend Kris’ shindig.”

Rob Kardashian was still not comfortable enough with himself to go out. This big event would have had people everywhere and of course a lot of people taking pictures. Rob will eventually feel comfortable doing out again, but for now, he is still staying pretty much behind closed doors. His sister, Khloe, is obviously feeling really comfortable with her body, and even wrote about it in her new book and shared some very sexy photos.


Do you think that Rob Kardashian should tough it out and do the Kardashian family Christmas card? Are you surprised to hear that Rob is refusing to do the card? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]