‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Winter Finale Spoilers: The Reveal Of Who Shot Annalise And More Teased

It’s time for the How to Get Away With Murder winter finale, and the question on everyone’s mind is simple: Who shot Annalise? Over the first batch of Season 2 episodes, flashforwards have shown that someone shoots her in Catherine and Caleb’s house, but while she may only die from her wounds, someone who isn’t so fortunate is Sinclair, who ends up very dead. How much will be revealed before the winter hiatus?

Going into the HTGAWM winter finale, everyone knows that Annalise’s shooter will be revealed. It seems that there’s such a long list of people who could be the one who fired the gun, meaning that it’s not so easy to narrow down the suspects. At one point or another, throughout these first Season 2 episodes, something happens involving nearly every character to make them a viable suspect.

Could Wes have found proof of Rebecca’s murder and blame her? Could she have found out what Catherine and Philip are up to and that led to her being shot? Could Bonnie have gone through with her admission that she wants her to die? Could Connor have had enough of everything they’ve been through, of Oliver ending up in the middle of the danger helping them? Could Sinclair have shot her before she ended up dead herself? On this show, anything is possible.

According to TVGuide.com, HTGAWM creator Peter Nowalk has said to “watch [the winter finale] very closely” and “stay ahead of the story.” Expect to be tricked along the way to the reveal of who shot Annalise. And here’s an interesting fact about the shooter: Norwalk has revealed that he didn’t know who it would be in the beginning of this arc. “We kind of decided at the last minute,” he shared. “We kept adding to it.” That said, he was apparently “more surprised about the why, not the who,” and he expects viewers to share that sentiment. Also, don’t think that who shot Annalise also killed Sinclair, meaning there may not only be two “whos,” but two “whys,” as well.

The last How to Get Away With Murder episode saw Philip as a very possible suspect in the murders of the Hapstalls, and in fact, the end revealed that he and Catherine are working together in something. While everyone else was busy having sex, Wes uncovered what could end up being a big break: one of Catherine’s paintings is in Philip’s home. Clearly, the two of them had to know each other well enough for her to give him one of her paintings (or he had to be in the house to take one). “That’s one of the things they’re investigating and that will perhaps lead to some of the terrible murder that happens,” the creator teased.

Further proof that Catherine may have been involved in the murders came in the form of the revolver Caleb found in the vent in the room where she paints, but why did he wait to show it to Michaela? Nowalk promised answers to that “early on” in the winter finale. In fact, a sneak peek from the midseason finale posted by Variety shows Annalise’s reaction when she finds out that Michaela didn’t call her immediately. “What you don’t do is tamper with the one piece of evidence that could upend our entire case,” she scolds her, and no, putting it back and therefore tampering with it twice isn’t a smart idea. Caleb insists he doesn’t know where Catherine is, but is he telling the truth?

How to Get Away With Murder Season 2 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. It returns February 11, and the season finale will air March 17. (The Catch will take over its time slot the following week.)

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