‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Is Desperate To Find Abigail As Labor Begins, Brady Family Gathers To Celebrate Bo

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday’s episode indicate that there are big developments on the way for Abigail, Chad, and Ben. Previews have given fans an idea of just how wild this scenario will eventually get, and the storyline takes a big leap forward on the November 19 show.

As viewers have seen, Abigail was taken hostage by Ben after a blowout fight where she came to realize he is the Necktie Killer. She was able to get a message to Chad that she is in trouble, and he has been desperate to find her. Abigail has started to have issues with the pregnancy, and things progress during Thursday’s show.

We Love Soaps shares that Chad will turn to Marlena for help as he tries to figure out where Abigail is. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that he may have Marlena hypnotize him in order to bring back more of his memories from before the fight with Ben. While Chad has remembered tidbits of all that has happened, but he is still struggling to piece it all together.

'Days of Our Lives' stars Robert Scott Wilson, Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn

From the sounds of things, Chad will get some valuable insight after his session with Marlena. However, there are still plenty of obstacles ahead before Abigail and Chad can have a happy reunion. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that at the cabin, Ben and Abigail will realize that she has gone into premature labor. Ben will find a midwife named Wendy, indicates Celeb Dirty Laundry, and bring her to the cabin to help.

Obviously, it is way too early for this baby to come without significant risks, and this will be a complicated situation. The baby will be coming soon, and Days of Our Lives spoiler previews have teased it will be a boy.

Chad will find Abigail at the cabin soon as well, but Ben isn’t about to back off and let anybody turn him in for the murders he’s committed. He will go to great lengths soon to try to keep the baby with him and get rid of Abigail and Chad. Will all of this drama soon lead to a big change for Abigail, as rumors have suggested?

As for Bo and Hope, viewers watched as they made love on Wednesday’s show. In addition, Bo told Rafe the truth about his medical condition and asked Rafe to look after Hope once he was gone. Bo has yet to tell Hope the truth about his condition, but it seems that may be coming during Friday’s show.

The Brady family will gather for a party to celebrate Bo’s return to Salem on Thursday’s episode. While they are gathering for a great reason, the Days of Our Lives spoiler previews certainly make it appear that sadness hangs over the event. Few at the party know about Bo’s condition yet, but this certainly has been a difficult time for the Brady family with even tougher times yet to come.

There is a bit regarding Sami on Thursday’s show as well. Sami tried to cut a deal with Andre, but he refused, and it seems soon she will come up with another plan. Marlena is scrambling to try to figure out where Sami is too, and she will work with John in Thursday’s episode to find some leverage to help her daughter.

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Ciara may use the party as a setting to suggest that Bo and Hope get remarried right then and there, an idea that makes Bo quite uncomfortable. From the sounds of things, that may be what finally pushes Bo to tell Hope about the brain tumor. While the show has yet to confirm that Bo Brady will die, the buzz is that it is going to happen quite soon.

How will Abigail, Chad, and the baby escape Ben’s clutches? What will it take to get Sami home? What comes next for Bo and Hope in the wake of this devastating medical news? Fans are anxious to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.


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