Hovering Flying Saucer UFO Fired Paralyzing Light Beam At Miami Witness: Report

JohnThomas Didymus

A witness in Miami, Florida, described a strange encounter with a flying saucer UFO that occurred in December 1997.

In a testimony filed in the Mutual UFO Network's (MUFON) database as Case 72326, the witness said the encounter occurred eighteen years ago on Christmas Eve when he was 12-years-old. He was lounging outside with a neighbor on the driveway of the family house when they looked up and saw a flying saucer UFO hovering very low over them.

The witness was sitting with a neighbor a few years older on the trunk of his mother's Oldsmobile while their parents were having a party indoors, according to Open Minds-TV.

As they talked, the neighbor looked and noticed a red light that appeared to be shining from inside the beat-up car. The neighbor mistook the red light for part of a car alarm system and expressed surprise that the witness's mother would place an alarm in a car what wasn't running.

"At that moment as we were both looking inside the car he turned around and froze while staring up at the sky."
"At that moment I looked up above us and realized that the red light was in actuality a reflection of a giant craft hovering above us."

The UFO gave no sound and was unlike anything the witness had ever seen.

"My neighbor and I were paralyzed," he said. "I couldn't scream or yell. I could however look around and see that my friend was not moving either, and that my eyes were able to move. At the moment I began to pray, as I was raised Catholic and through pure force I was able to disconnect myself from the hold that the light had on us and the power was so great that I fell off the car and landed on my knees and hands."

The light beam from the UFO stopped shining on them at the moment the witness fell from the car, and they found they could move. The neighbor told the witness to run and get help. He ran across the front lawn to the front door of the house and recalled looking back when he reached the door.

He noticed when he looked back that the UFO was rising slowly in the air. He ran into the house and tried to interrupt the adults partying. He shouted there was a UFO hovering over the driveway in front of the lawn outside. But no one took him seriously, and because he was anxious not to miss seeing the UFO before it disappeared, he ran outside again to his friend who was now standing directly under the UFO and looking up as the flying saucer rose up into the air.

He ran back into the house and shouted once again that there was a UFO hovering over the lawn outside. And again the partying adults ignored him. When he ran out again the UFO had risen high up into the air and looked about the size of a basketball.

Then his neighbor ran inside and yelled at the adults, saying there was an emergency outside. This time, the partying adults trooped out slowly. But by the time they came out and looked up, the UFO was a tiny star-like speck in the sky speeding away.

[Image via Public Domain]