Brooks Ayers Already Moving On: Who’s The Mystery Woman?

Brooks Ayers shocked everyone when he admitted that he had faked his medical documents to prove that he had undergone chemotherapy. For a long time, Real Housewives of Orange County viewers had been questioning his honesty, but there was nothing concrete — nothing physical — that proved he didn’t have cancer. His stories made some sense, and those close to him, including Vicki Gunvalson, didn’t express her doubts loudly enough.

But Brooks Ayers managed to out himself when he faked those medical documents. The City Of Hope hospital announced through a spokesperson that they had never treated a patient by the name of Brooks, even though Ayers continued to say that he had gone there for treatment. He has yet to prove that he is indeed ill, but one thing is clear: he is definitely moving on from Vicki.

According to a new tweet, Brooks Ayers is now sending out some mysterious messages and vibes into the world, including a tweet about an unknown woman. He calls her wonderful and it sounds like he may have made a mistake with this woman, calling her his favorite “what if” relationship.

“Happy 46th Birthday to a wonderful woman! I hope you have a fantastic day. If I’d only done things differently…,” Brooks tweeted out late last night with a quote that read, “You’ll always be my favorite ‘what if.’ “

Clearly, this message isn’t to Vicki Gunvalson. In this tweet, it sounds like he has some regrets about how the relationship went down, including how he wishes he had done things differently. When it comes to Vicki, Ayers hinted to Andy Cohen that he has no regrets and that he felt fine about how he acted throughout the relationship. Clearly, he has no regrets about hurting Vicki and moving to Florida. But his heart is also moving on — or perhaps moving back to a former flame. One thing is certain here: Brooks Ayers definitely has eyes for someone else these days.

At present time, Brooks could be in some legal trouble. It is illegal to lie about medical issues and forge documents for the sake of fraud. And since many people believed he lied about being sick, he could be in some legal trouble with these forged documents. Apparently, sources have come forward, saying that Brooks was so upset at how he had been portrayed on The Real Housewives of Orange County that he may as well just make money from the entire experience. Thus, he supposedly tried to sell his medical documents — for profit, without his lawyers’ knowledge.

“Brooks went to his attorney and publicist a few weeks ago, telling them that he wanted to profit from his cancer story,” a source has revealed to Life & Style, adding that his team was not aware that he had already “sold the doctored records for about $12,000.”

Ayers has always said that he was diagnosed with stage three non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year. While he has admitted to lying about faking his documents, he stands by his story that he has cancer. But even when it comes to his lawyers, he has never truly admitted to anything and that resulted in his lawyer leaving him behind.

“He refused and wouldn’t even confirm or deny to them whether he has cancer or ever did,” the source reveals.

It seems in horrible taste that he is now flirting with some other woman, saying that he wishes he could do things over, especially now that Vicki is completely heartbroken over the lies. It sounds like he doesn’t care about breaking people’s hearts and hurting them. And that’s possibly why he is alone these days, wishing he could have done things differently with this mysterious woman.

What do you think of Brooks Ayers’ tweet?

[Image via Twitter]