Black Friday TV Deals: All The Best Offers In One Place

With just a few days to go before Black Friday, TV deals have the become the most sought-after deals by customers hoping to have a new 4K or smart TV installed in their homes this holiday season. And why shouldn't we consider buying ourselves a new TV this Black Friday, provided that almost all the retailers are offering deals at dirt-cheap prices (well, almost)?

So, after some intense hunting for the best Black Friday TV deals, the Inquisitr has brought to you deals provided by all the major retail and online players in one place. Have a look yourself, and choose the TV which suits your needs best.

Amazon Black Friday TV Deals

Before we even get started on the best TV deals, I must remind you that Amazon pre-Black Friday are set to begin tomorrow, eight days prior to Black Friday proper, according to USA Today. This has become somewhat of a tradition with the online retail giant, where they have tended to stave off competition by giving themselves a head-start. Chances are you might find a TV deal which could be better than what you might find on Black Friday itself.

Also, Amazon has said that new deals will be added as often as every five minutes, with the company set to revive its customary limited-time Lightning Deals on thousands of products every day. So here are some Black Friday TV deals that should definitely grab your attention.

  • 32-inch TCL Roku Smart TV for $125 - Roku is giving even Samsung a run for its money. Robust and cheaper than most of its competitors, Roku has been hailed for providing the simplest, most comprehensive smart-TV experience on the market.
  • 32-inch, brand unknown HDTV for $75 - Choose this if you like taking risks. Having said that, with only $75 to be paid for a 32-inch HDTV, it might not sound like a risk at all.
  • 32-inch Samsung 1080p TV for $178 - Go for it if you have a thing for Samsung.
  • 50-inch 1080p LED TV, $149.99 (Toshiba) - This is an App only deal, so if you still do not have it, I would recommend downloading it. Not having the Amazon mobile app could mean missing out on some potentially amazing deals.
  • 55-inch Hisense UHD smart TV for $448 - Also an App only deal.
  • 55-inch TCL Roku Smart TV for $348 - Way cheaper than its Hisense counterpart.
  • 60-inch 4K TV for $799.99 - Defined as a top-selling product on Amazon, the price of the TV is simply too little to ignore.
  • 75-inch Samsung 1080p smart TV for less than $2,000 - Considered one of the few common Black Friday TV deals, this is the one to go for if you are considering putting down some serious money for a TV.
An Amazon warehouse in England.
Amazon Warehouses prepare for the busiest part of the year. [Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images]

Walmart Black Friday TV Deals

Compared to previous years, Walmart's Black Friday sale might not be as great, but the retail giant still has some lucrative TV deals up its sleeve, and you should definitely check them out before deciding on which TV to go for.
  • 50-inch Vizio UHD smart TV for $698 - Compared to the Amazon Toshiba deal, $698 might seem like a bit too much to pay for a same-sized TV, but then Vizio has created a niche audience in the TV market for all the good reasons.
  • 50-inch Hisense UHD TV for $548 - Not too bad, eh?
  • 48-inch Samsung 1080p TV for $398 - The Inquisitr's best guess is that this could be one of the derivative models from Samsung.
  • 60-inch Vizio 1080p smart TV for $728 - Consumer Reports speculates that this could be an E601i-series set. Target is selling the same TV for $750.

Best Buy Black Friday TV Deals

When it comes to TV deals, Best Buy has far too many options compared to its competitors. If TV is the only thing you are looking to buy this Black Friday, Best Buy seems like the ideal place to do it.
  • 24-inch Samsung 720p TV for $130 - This is how cheap it gets. Well, if you don't pay the $75 Amazon deal any attention!
  • 32-inch Westinghouse 720p TV for $130 - Another good option.
  • 40-inch Samsung 1080p TV for $280 - You could go for this if your affinity for Samsung refuses to subside.
  • 48-inch Insignia 1080p TV for $280 - Or, you could choose Insignia. The company is giving a bigger-sized TV for the same price -- it's your call.
  • 40-inch Insignia Class HDTV for $160 - Save up to $120 on this one.
  • 55-inch LG UHD smart TV for $700 - Not too bad for an ultra HD smart TV, don't you think? $200 to be saved.
  • 65-inch Sony UHD smart TV for $1,800 - This is a great option. This could be the Sony XBR-65X850C, which sells for $2,000 usually.
  • 75-inch Sony UHD smart TV for $3,000 - Finally, this is probably the big deal if you are considering to spend big on a TV. You are set to save $500 with this purchase.
The Inquisitr hasn't mentioned TV deals being offered by retailers such as Target simply because when it comes to TVs, it seems like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are offering the best Black Friday deals. But in case you are looking for other electronic products, Target may not be a bad option.

So here is the first comprehensive listing of all the major Black Friday TV deals being offered next weekend. If you would like to know about more offers as we approach Thanksgiving, do not forget to check back for updates.

[Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images]