Justin Bieber Talks Those Nude Photos In FULL Part Two of James Corden Carpool Karaoke [WATCH]

Part two is here! Justin Bieber and James Corden teamed up for the first Late Late Show carpool karaoke earlier this year and proved a winning team, with the video going viral and winning new admirers for the talented Canadian (part one of the Justin Bieber/James Corden karaoke saw Justin finishing a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes) as well as peals of laughter and shrill squeals of delight from devoted teenage Beliebers.

The video opens with a discussion of Justin’s fan base (Bieber admits that he is not sure where the term “Beliebers” came from and explains that the word has sort of been there from the beginning of his career). Corden and Bieber then boogie to the old-school Bieber hit “Never Say Never,” a duet young Justin did with Jaden Smith. Jaden is the son of actor Will Smith, whom Justin has called “my most famous friend,” and the song “Never Say Never” even sees Jaden playing off his famous father’s name with the line “no pun intended: I was raised by the power of Will”.

Watch “Never Say Never” below.

Corden then scrutinizes Justin’s outfit, marveling at the rips in the Canadian heartthrob’s jeans and the length of Bieber’s t-shirts (the latter fashion trademark of Justin’s has drawn funny commentary on social media as well).


“Don’t challenge Justin Bieber to a long t-shirt contest. he wins” reads one post on Twitter, along a picture of Bieber in a long t-shirt standing with the dancers who played forest nymphs in his video for “The Feeling” with indie singer Halsey.

Corden and Bieber body pop to new Justin Bieber hit “What Do You Mean?”. Justin’s wave and body popping degenerate into a sort of mindless, artful grinding at one point, prompting Justin to say “I don’t know what I’m doing but it feels so right” and Corden to double over in laughter.

Other highlights include the makeovers Corden and Bieber give each other (James Corden admits with amazement that Justin “still looks cool” in the shiny, besequinned jacket and black beret – tipped to the side with arty pretentiousness – that Corden selects for him), the Biebs’ declaration that “it’s the clothes” that make him move and dance as well as he does, Justin’s admission that The Notebook is his favorite film and that it makes him cry (“I’m an emotional guy, man” Bieber reminds Corden), the pair karaoke-ing to Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” and Kanye West’s “Stronger,” and the genuine emotion as the video closes and Bieber explains his latest tattoo.

The tattoo on Justin’s arm features two Ls, to remind him to “look up” when his head is hanging “low.” Corden reassures Justin, “you don’t need the tattoo, you have me for that,” and mimes for the Canadian hottie to raise his chin. The carpool ends on a note of bro-mantic sweetness and tenderness.

Justin also comments on the infamous naked pictures captured by a paparazzo when Bieber was holidaying in Bora Bora, as reported by Hollywood Life. The superstar describes how, upon seeing the censored picture, he descended into anxious apprehension about whether he might have had shrinkage (“I could have just come out of the water,” Justin explains) and whether a click on the uncensored shot floating around on the internet would reveal an unflattering portrayal of his manhood.

“That was still a bit of shrinkage,” Justin laughs of the uncensored shot (many have noted that Bieber is in fact very well-endowed), prompting Corden to exclaim, “That was not shrinkage!”

“If I was packing that sort of heat I would rarely wear clothes!” the Late Late Show host added.

The pair also continued the tradition — established in the first Justin Bieber carpool karaoke — of cracking jokes about their relative levels of fame, with Bieber shielding Corden from paparazzi and squealing fans and declaring “This is his life! He needs space!” Corden laps up the support, affecting a delusional belief that he is actually more famous than Justin (Bieber is one of the most famous people on the planet).

Are you enjoying Justin Bieber’s Purpose album?

[Image by Getty Images/Noam Galai]