Justin Bieber, James Corden Reunite For Carpool Karaoke Vol. 2 And We’re Not Sorry

The Justin Bieber and James Corden bromance returns for Carpool Karaoke: Volume Two.

Reprising their comedy gold pair-up — the video set record levels of views for The Late Late Show back in May — the boys are back for a ride mixing it up with laughs, music, and this time around, a large amount of swag.

The easy banter between the Purpose singer and the Brit TV host kicked off early in the segment with the never-gets-old joke of Corden imagining he and his show are a far bigger deal than they are. Corden asks Bieber what he should call his own fans, à la Beliebers. They didn’t settle on a name.

As is tradition, and the point of the carpool karaoke experience, Bieber’s jams and others were played during the duo’s carpool karaoke ride. First up, was 2011’s Never Say Never hit.

At one point, the Canadian star pointed out a dress-clad female paparazzo on a sidewalk they passed. This prompted the Biebs to remark “I’m kinda wearing a dress here,” referring to his own t-shirt.

Sticking with the sartorial, Corden reminded his famous passenger that they swapped clothes the last time they hooked up. To which, Justin “suggested” a shopping trip. On the way, the heartthrob puts a cute spin on the “wave” while dancing to his previous worldwide No. 1 “What Do You Mean?”

Upon arriving at a Beverly Hills clothes store that Bieber usually goes to, Corden suggests they pick out each other’s “swag.” The host declares he’ll find an ensemble the superstar should be wearing on his next tour. Meanwhile, the Biebs said he wanted to make the comedian look “sleek.”

Neither succeeds.

Hilariously, Bieber puts Corden in a copy of what he wears: ripped jeans, a white hoodie, a skateboard, and high tops.

“I’ve honestly never felt more alive than I do right now!” Corden hammed, after exiting a changing room. “I feel like I’m ready to drop an album,” he added, before attempting dance moves and a catwalk strut.

“See, the way you walk is even different now,” said the Biebs, playing along.

When it came to the singer’s new look, as chosen by Corden, things got even worse. Justin is decked in stonewash grey jeans, an unfashionable knitted jumper, a long, iridescent green sheath top, teamed with a mismatched pair of chunky boots and an unflattering beanie.

The Biebs’ catwalk moment is definitely a moment.

Hilarity continued as the two left the shop and faced a gauntlet of paparazzi. Cue role reversal, with Justin shielding James and beseeching the paps to “Stop taking his photo!”

“He lives his life in a fishbowl, dude!” “He has to live like this. This is his life!” “How do you do this?” Biebs told the shutterbugs, while Corden played the part of a privacy-challenged superstar.

Justin Bieber
(Photo :Justin Bieber swaps roles with James Corden against paparazzi in Carpool Karaoke 2 video)

A spot of expletive-filled singing along to Yeezus followed, and the sweet revelation that The Notebook is one of the singer’s favourite films and he cries while watching it.

“I’m an emotional guy,” Bieber said. That was followed by another reveal that Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” also touches the singer, and that he sings it in the shower. The carpool karaoke comrades then got down to some serious head nodding.

Naturally, the nude photos, taken of the hitmaker by a paparazzo without his consent or knowledge, also came up. Bieber reiterated that he found it “really invasive,” before adding that he had to “laugh about it” because “what else can you do?”

“When I first saw the picture, it was covered, it had censorship on it,” Bieber went on. “I thought, ‘oh my god, I could have just got out of the water. I could have had shrinkage.’ I finally find the unedited thing, and I’m still pissed because there’s shrinkage,” he jokingly added.

A burst of the lively reggaeton-flavored “Sorry” followed, and a bonding moment — after Bieber was asked about his “LL” tattoo, which he previously said is a prompt to “lift your head up when you feel low” — when Corden told him he would be there for the singer.

And that’s the second installment in the Bieber-Corden carpool karaoke bromance. We’re not sorry they returned at all.

[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]