New Black Panthers Declare They Will Not ‘Sit Passively Like Jews and Go To Gas Chambers’ [video]

New Black Panthers General Tako Interview

A New Black Panther Party video republished on The Blaze initially focused on the George Zimmerman case evolved into a controversial political discussion infused with themes of racism, socialism and violence. A party member known as General Tako noted during the audio recording that President Barack Obama is a “black face in a high place” and cannot stop racism in America.

Some of the New Black Panther ideals voiced during the exchange center on a reference to “Jews going passively into the gas chambers,” “white people pushing” AIDS and cocaine into the black community and the desire to “destroy the classes and white supremacy” and have black people take control in the United States. General Tako angrily stated the New Black Panthers were willing to “destroy the earth” to make sure the social change happens.

General Tako also stated “people with “white skin” have been given a “social license to kill” and with a raised voice, the New Black Panther yells “we will not sit back passively like Jews and go to the gas chambers, we will resist by any means necessary,” according to the party’s audio recording. When the interview host asks if there is a “considerate effort” to make people feel powerless and disarmed, the Tako states there has always been an effort to deny black men and women the ability to defend themselves. The lengthy interview goes on to detail specific ways the government and/or white people have oppressed the “powerless” and “defenseless” in America.

On a positive note, General Tako did state the New Black Panther Party’s primary goal is to educate “our people” about “doing negative stuff” for a gang color. But, the conversation once again took a frighteningly violent tone when the spokesperson concluded “imagine what we could do when we feel and recognize who the real enemy is.” Before ending the conversation General Tako stated that after the realization of the enemy comes, “we will take back full control of our community from the fascist state.”