Charlie Sheen Could Go To Prison For Knowingly Exposing Partners To HIV, Report Claims

Charlie Sheen could end up in prison for failing to disclose his HIV status to his partners, with the actor facing the possibility of spending close to a decade behind bars if it turns out he knowingly exposed his partners to the deadly virus.

The 50-year-old actor revealed this week that he contracted HIV, and also confessed to having unprotected sex after finding out he had the disease. While all the details of these sexual encounters are not yet known, TMZ noted that Charlie Sheen could end up in prison if he did so knowingly and without telling them.

“Charlie has not said if he’s had unprotected sex, but as we previously reported we know he’s settled several cases with people who were unaware of his HIV status and had sex with him. If he did have unprotected sex, under California law, he could get 6 months in jail.

“The law is clear… anyone with a communicable disease who ‘willfully exposes another person’ is guilty. There was a case this past March in which a San Diego man was convicted of the crime for willfully exposing his boyfriend to HIV. He was later sentenced to 6 months in jail.”

Charlie Sheen said that when he did have unprotected sex, his partners “were completely warned ahead of time.”

But there are already allegations that Sheen kept his HIV-positive status from partners. His former girlfriend, Bree Olson, claims that Sheen did not tell her about his HIV while they were together.

Sheen’s manager has an explanation for that.

“Bree Olson was with Charlie in March and April of 2011, when he fired her from the [Violent Torpedo of Truth] tour,” Mark Burg, Charlie’s manager, said in a statement to E! News. “Charlie was not HIV positive at that time and tested negative two times after he got back from the tour.”

Though Sheen’s camp said the couple had broken up by the time he learned about his status, Bree told Howard Stern on a Nov. 17 appearance that Sheen had HIV when they were together and having sex every night.

Olson said she and Charlie Sheen sometimes had unprotected sex and at other times used lambskin condoms, which have very tiny holes that block sperm from passing through but can allow for the passage of the HIV virus. Olson noted that she has been tested and is not HIV positive herself.

But some other former lovers may already be taking aim at Charlie Sheen. He is reportedly the subject of numerous lawsuits from women claiming he put them at risk of contracting HIV during sex.

If the allegations turn out to be true, Charlie Sheen would not be the first person to face prison for failing to disclose his HIV status. Earlier this year a San Diego man was sentenced to six months in jail for failing to tell a sex partner about his HIV status, the Los Angeles Times reported. In another famous case, a man named Nushawn Williams infected close to a dozen young women in Western New York, and spent close to a decade behind bars.

While Charlie Sheen may theoretically go to prison for not disclosing his HIV status, it appears he may not be in any immediate danger of facing charges. The Los Angeles Police Department has not received any complaints against the actor for having unprotected sex without disclosing his HIV status, the Los Angeles Times reported.

[Picture by Brad White/Getty Images]