NFL Picks Week 11: Experts Pick Denver Broncos To Lose To Chicago Bears

NFL picks for Week 11 have most CBS experts picking against the Denver Broncos. The Week 11 NFL picks for the Denver Broncos vs. Chicago Bears game favor Jay Cutler to win a game for the first time in a while. The analysts at CBS Sports have picked the Bears to win what amounts to a very important game in a race to the postseason. If the prediction turns out to be correct, the Bears would improve to 5-5 in the NFL standings and put the team in a stronger spot to chase a wild card.

For the Broncos, this prediction follows an announcement that Peyton Manning has been benched. Broncos backup quarterback Brock Osweiler will make his first start of the season against the Bears, putting the team in an interesting position as it tries to secure a first-round bye in the NFL Playoffs. At 7-2, the Broncos trail just the 9-0 New England Patriots and 8-1 Cincinnati Bengals as the top teams in the AFC.

In the Week 11 NFL picks, only one analyst from CBS Sports picked in favor of the Broncos. That is Jason La Confora, who has posted an 85-61 record in his 2015 predictions. That ranks as the worst mark of the experts who make weekly picks for the site.

There are some unanimous predictions within the Week 11 NFL picks though. In includes the Seattle Seahawks beating the San Francisco 49ers, the Carolina Panthers beating the Washington Redskins, and the New England Patriots beating the Buffalo Bills in Monday night football on November 23.

In the Week 11 NFL schedule, the Thursday night game on November 19 is the Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans (2-7) and Jaguars (3-6) are likely out of the race to make the postseason, leaving this game for die-hard fans and fantasy football owners to enjoy. The teams split the two games from last season, with the total score of both games only reaching 64 points. With quarterbacks Blake Bortles and Marcus Mariota slinging the ball this week, though, the scoring could come quick and often.

Other heavily one-sided Week 11 NFL picks include the New York Jets over the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens over the St. Louis Rams, the Atlanta Falcons over the Indianapolis Colts, the Kansas City Chiefs over the San Diego Chargers, and the Arizona Cardinals over the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals vs. Cardinals game is on Sunday night, November 22, and serves as a match-up of one of the better teams from each conference. The 7-2 Cardinals will host the 8-1 Bengals in what should be an exciting game for NBC Sports to air.

The rest of the Week 11 NFL picks from the CBS experts have one team slightly favored over the other. These could be the most competitive games of the weekend if the analysts turn out to be correct. In those games, they have picked the Minnesota Vikings to beat the Green Bay Packers, the Oakland Raiders to beat the Detroit Lions, the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Dallas Cowboys to beat the Miami Dolphins.

This is the last week for byes in the NFL, with the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, and Pittsburgh Steelers getting some time off. That’s three starting quarterbacks used in a lot of fantasy football leagues that have to be replaced this time around. It might draw some additional interest to a few of the games taking place on Sunday. The most interesting of the Week 11 NFL picks has to be how many experts and analysts have predicted that the Chicago Bears are about to beat the Denver Broncos.

[AP Photo/David Zalubowski]