Meri Brown’s Relationship With Kody Revealed By Person Who Catfished Her

Meri Brown and her husband Kody Brown have a very strained relationship. She is the first of his four wives and recently, Meri shared that she is not sure what she even wants to do next in her life. News came out not long ago that Meri was catfished by a woman who was pretending to be a man. The two had an online relationship, but Meri insists that it was never anything more. Now The Ashley’s Reality Roundup is sharing that the person who catfished Meri is speaking out and revealing all about Meri and Kody’s relationship. This person is saying that this is all information that they learned during their relationship, but you will want to remember that the catfisher has lied in the past, even to Meri.


The person who catfished Meri Brown is still saying he is a man. “Sam” is saying that Meri actually had plans to leave Kody and be with him. This person says that Meri and Kody Brown’s relationship has been over with for a while. Sam actually shared in a blog post that Meri’s dinner with the family that everyone saw on the show was her first step in leaving him.

“Going back to the dinner with the adults, she is saying she just doesn’t know what she is going to do or where she is going to go. That’s because our plan was for her to leave. She told me she had to wait until the end of filming to start the process of letting her fans know she was going to go. She had talked to the producer a few times about leaving and how it would all work out. He told her they would figure it out.”

Sam also shared a story that he said hurt Meri’s feelings really bad, but of course, she is still with Kody Brown now.

“She told me the last straw for her was when he took the wedding band that she gave him during their wedding ceremony and melted it down. He told her he didn’t want it to be a contention point with the other wives, so he had it melted down and put into a piece of jewelry for another daughter, not her daughter…it showed her how much the marriage meant to him, which was nothing. She said it hurt her feelings because he could have given it back to her to hold onto for her daughter’s future husband or at least let her have it for keepsake.”

Sam shared a lot of other details about their relationship. According to the catfisher, Kody Brown did still spend his nights he should at Meri Brown’s house, but he would get there late, watch TV, and then go to bed. There was also allegedly months between times that Kody and Meri would be intimate with each other. Sam even shared that during their affair, Meri Brown wasn’t sleeping in the same bed as Kody. Back in May, Meri Brown even allegedly told Kody to stop coming over and spending his night at her house. This source says that Kody Brown and Meri had agreed that they weren’t in love with each other anymore.

Sam has been sharing posts on his blog, but insists that when the final Sister Wives airs this weekend, he will delete the entire thing. He says that during the trip to Alaska they were still in love, talking and even planning a life that would be together. Sam even says that Meri had already started boxing things up and getting ready to move to be with him, but obviously that all fell through. They actually started talking back in March.

Do you believe what Sam had to say about Kody and Meri Brown’s relationship? Do you think that this is all true? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the big two hour interview with the Brown family on Sunday night on TLC.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]