Florida Man Claims He Accidentally Shot And Killed Woman While Role-Playing During Freaky Sex Session

A Florida man was charged with manslaughter after claiming to have accidentally shot and killed 18-year-old Christina Meagher while role-playing during freaky sex session, reported ABC Action News. On November 7, Tyrone Fields of Tampa made a shocking 911 call, claiming that he accidentally shot a woman — whom he had met two days prior — in the head while role-playing in a hotel.

Fields stated that after meeting up with Meagher at Tampa’s Regency Inn and Suites on Church Avenue, the two began partaking in a freaky sex game where the victim allegedly asked him to point a 9mm gun at her head. According to documents from the Tampa Police Department, Fields complied and “intentionally pulled the trigger as part of the role-play, and the handgun fired a single round into the victim’s head.”

NY Daily News reported that while the pair was having sexual intercourse, he stopped when she asked him to point his 9mm gun to her head. Forgetting that there was still a bullet in the gun’s chamber, he intentionally pulled the triggered and it fired a single shot into the right side of her head, near her ear. Fields told investigators that he was “lying on top of Meagher but wasn’t having intercourse with her at the time” of the shooting.

When Florida police officials arrived at the scene, Meagher was immediately rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. Fields told investigators that he only knew the victim as Christina because he had met her two days prior. However, officers were later able to identify her after locating her driver’s license and other personal belongings. When the victim’s family members were notified of her death, they were devastated and refused to believe it was an accident.

Meagher’s cousin Nathan Bradley, who identified her body by viewing pictures of her tattoos, told reporters that “I never actually truly believed the story because there was always a doubt in my mind that that’s not really how it happened.” But investigators say surveillance footage from the hotel and an autopsy confirmed that Meagher willingly entered the hotel room with Fields on November 6, and she was shot at close range just as Fields stated.

In a statement, officers wrote that the suspect “maintained that he had not intentionally shot the victim, and that it was an accident.” The autopsy also indicated that “Meagher didn’t have any injuries consistent with sexual battery.” People in the hotel were shocked after learning what happened. A man who was in the room beaneath Meagher and Fields said that “I just heard a big boom and I thought it was a fire cracker in the beginning.” He went on to say that “You don’t role play that far, that’s crazy.”

The 9mm gun that was used in the freaky sex session shooting was located at the scene as well as the single fired projectile and the cartridge casing.

The victim’s cousin and aunt — whose name has been withheld — says that they truly hope that the tragedy happened just as Fields stated because that would mean Meagher wouldn’t have suffered any pain. Bradley said that the incident “just flipped my whole head around, like I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. She loved to have fun. She couldn’t listen to anything anybody told her, but she was her. Everybody loved her for it.”

Phone calls were made to Charles Inman, who was listed as Fields’ attorney, but he has refused to release any statements regarding the case. However, after the freaky sex session shooting, Tyrone Fields was arrested and taken to the Hillsborough County Jail where he is facing one-count of manslaughter with a weapon, first-degree felony, and discharge of a firearm resulting in death. His bond was set at $30,000.

[Image via Getty Images by Scott Olsen]