Hannah Brown Age: How Old Is 'The Bachelorette'?

Hannah Brown is handing out roses this spring on ABC's The Bachelorette 2019 season. Viewers first met Hannah when she was one of Colton Underwood's contestants last winter on The Bachelor. Now she's trying once again to find love and the 24-year-old seems confident she will find it.

Refinery 29 notes Brown's birthday is in September and she is now 24-years-old. The Season 15 Bachelorette star is definitely on the younger side in terms of all of the leads chosen by ABC. Some fans have voiced some concern that this might mean she is not necessarily ready to find love. However, Hannah insists she's serious about this and ready.

It turns out that Hannah's age of 24 does make her the youngest ever Bachelorette lead. However, she's not the youngest by all that much. Apparently, JoJo Fletcher previously held the title of being the youngest at the beginning of filming, and she was 25-years-old at the start of her season.

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay has said she thinks Hannah is too young to be The Bachelorette. It just so happens that Lindsay was the oldest lead for the franchise so far, being 31 when she did her season.

Interestingly, both JoJo and Rachel still remain with their final rose recipients. That tidbit of franchise trivia may just prove that the Bachelorette lead's age isn't necessarily the biggest determining factor when it comes to long-term success post-finale.

Brown told Ellen DeGeneres when she appeared on her show that she would not have accepted The Bachelorette gig if she had not thought she was ready to get engaged and find her future husband. Hannah has been open in talking about how much she learned from doing Colton's Bachelor season, and spoilers have suggested it'll be a wild ride.

In terms of Hannah's suitors for her Bachelorette run, it does look like quite a few guys are on the younger side themselves. Spoiler king Reality Steve has shared short profiles on most of the guys, and 23-year-old Matt Spraggins seems to be the youngest of the bunch. There are quite a few 24-year-olds, and then it looks like 33-year-old Joey Jones may be her oldest suitor.

How much of an impact will Hannah Brown's age have on how The Bachelorette progresses this season? Will being 24 cause additional challenges as she tries to navigate the real world with her chosen guy after filming? Fans will get to see how everything falls into place as Hannah and her guys start this journey with the premiere airing on Monday, May 13.