Brooks Ayers Sells His Forged Cancer Documents For Thousands Of Dollars

Brooks Ayers’ battle with cancer has been a long and hard one according to him, but not many people believe that he actually has cancer. This entire season of RHOC was all about if Ayers had cancer or not and the women not believing that there was something really wrong with him. Brooks actually admitted recently that he forged medical records because he didn’t have any real plans of showing his records on The Real Housewives of Orange County. He wanted to make it look like he had cancer so everyone would leave him alone about it. Now Radar Online shared that Brooks Ayers actually sold these documents to someone and made a $12,000 profit. That is a pretty good profit for documents that aren’t even real.

When Brooks Ayers sold these documents, he really upset a few people and one of those was his attorney. He actually was so upset that he fired Brooks as a client. Ayers actually told the women that he had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, but they didn’t believe him. This isn’t the first time that Brooks made money off these documents though. When Brooks did his interview with E! Online, they paid him $12,000 for the interview. It is a bit confusing right now on if this is the $12,000 he got for the documents or if he also made another $12,000 for selling them.

When it came out that Brooks Ayers was lying and was never seen at City of Hope, his rep and lawyer came to him wanting proof he had cancer. Brooks did admit to lying to them about the documents, but he didn’t explain if he really had cancer or not. So far, Ayers is still sharing that he has cancer. A source is even sharing that Vicki Gunvalson has known the truth all along.

“She was about to be booted from the show and then suddenly Brooks got diagnosed and everything changed. Vicki knew her ratings were better with him.”

Brooks Ayers even recently retweeted a picture of Megan Edmonds that shows he is still not a fan of her and the two might never work things out. Megan never believed that Brooks had cancer and made sure to do everything she could to prove it.

As People shared, Vicki Gunvalson has been dealing with her own cancer scare recently with her daughter Briana. Her daughter never believed that Brooks Ayers had cancer and never liked him at all. Briana actually had surgery to have her lymph nodes removed after they were found enlarged. She is luckily cancer free though after this hard time. Vicki has been by her daughter’s side in Oklahoma and is now working on moving her back home once again to California.

Briana never really liked Brooks Ayers or was on his side. She has never felt like he had cancer and made it very clear that she wasn’t happy with her mother dating him and felt like she could do better. At least now, Vicki Gunvalson isn’t dating Brooks Ayers, and this mother and daughter can work on healing their relationship that has been through some problems due to him.

Do you think that Brooks Ayers ever really had cancer? Are you shocked that he is making money off his forged medical records? The Real Housewives of Orange County is now over for this season, but everyone is assuming when the show returns it will be without Brooks Ayers, considering he has now split from Vicki Gunvalson and is living in Florida far away from all of the drama.

[Image via Facebook/Vicki Gunvalson]