Debra Messing Just Received An Unsolicited, Explicit Male Nude Picture, The Actress Had The Perfect Response

The internet is full of horrible people. People who decide to react to terrorist attacks with even more vile hate. People who simply want to abuse others for no discernible reason. While there are even some individuals who feel like it’s within their remit to send unsolicited, unwanted pictures of their genitals to others.

Unfortunately, actress Debra Messing found herself the recipient of such a message a couple of days ago when she received an explicit nude picture from a male Twitter user.

But, assumably after she’d mourned the slight death of humanity and chivalry, Debra Messing decided not to keep this information to herself.

Nope, Messing thought it would be best if she showed her 257,000 or so Twitter followers exactly what she was sent. And by doing that she highlighted the lack of decency and respect that women sometimes have to put up with in their lives.

debra-messing-twitter [Image via Getty/Monica Schipper]However, rather than just uploading a picture of a penis to her Twitter account and then forcing her followers to deal with it, Messing made sure to pixelate it out. Because if she hadn’t have done that then it would have been rather uncouth of her.

You can check out what was sent to Messing, and her perfect response, below.

Messing also uploaded a pixelated picture of the man’s penis alongside a captain that read, “RESPECT WOMEN. RESPECT YOURSELVES.” She also wrote over the image, “Sending pix like this is NEVER OK.” You can check out the depressing, slightly NSFW picture here.

It then looks as though Debra Messing got into somewhat of a slanging match with the user, as just a few hours after informing her followers about the man responsible she then added:

Then, as stories started to emerge from various publications about Debra Messing’s interaction with this Twitter user, the Will & Grace actress couldn’t help but be perplexed by the increase in her online popularity.

After Kristen Johnston, who previously starred in 3rd Rock From The Sun, informed her fellow ’90s sitcom star:

Messing responded with, “My tweets have never gotten the attention of the media before. I guess when you say ‘d*** pix’ all bets are off.”

Messing still re-tweeted a number of articles that had been written regarding the unsolicited Tweet that she received too, while she couldn’t help but revel in the fame slightly.

Responding to the positive messages she received with:

When she’s not receiving horrible Twitter pictures, Debra Messing is currently staring in The Mysteries Of Laura, an NBC police procedural comedy drama that is currently in its second season on the network.

debra-messing-twitter [Image via Getty/Mike Coppola]However, she is mostly known for her role as Grace opposite Eric McCormack’s Will in the hugely successful sitcom Will & Grace, which aired for eight seasons between 1998 and 2006 and during this time was one of the most popular shows in America.

Thanks to her work on Will & Grace, Debra Messing was nominated for a bevy of television awards. In 2003 she won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

[Image via Getty/Slaven Vlasic]