Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner To Spend The Holidays Together

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are spending the holidays with each other. According to E!, the couple, who announced that they were getting a divorce in June, are reuniting for the sake of their kids.

This is yet another example of how the couple have managed to work out their differences and remain a family unit for their children Violet, 9; Seraphina, 6; and Samuel, 3.

At the time a source told E!

“They are a unit. They are all about the kids and making sure they are okay. They are committed to parenting together.”

Since announcing their separation, both Ben and Jen have been trying their best to make everything about their children. Both of the stars were seen on multiple occasions dropping the kids off at school, and up until Affleck started filming his prohibition film Live By Night, the two have had family days during the weekend. Affleck even paused from filming and flew from Boston to Los Angeles to spend some time with his family in Los Angeles.

On the heels of their separation, the family went on a vacation to the Bahamas, and after that the two celebrated Affleck’s 43rd birthday in Disney with the kids in August.

Throughout the summer, Affleck was seen spending his time in Atlanta, Georgia, where his estranged wife Jennifer Garner was filming Miracles In Heaven. When school hit, Affleck got his three children started back in Los Angeles while Garner was wrapping her filming for the new movie.

Since then the two have been photographed out and about with the kids together and separately. Garner and Affleck even went out for a sushi night without the kids which sparked rumors that the couple were getting back together, but sources have denied that.

As for the holidays, a source close to the famous exes said, “They will be spending time with both sides of the family as one unit. Neither Ben not Jen want to split up and do separate things when the holidays are all about family time and being with loved ones. Both exes feel, as well, that even though they aren’t a couple, still being a family is the most important thing.”

Although Affleck and Garner have kept things happy for the kids, the two haven’t walked away unscathed from the whole process. Reports that followed the couple claimed that Affleck had an affair with former nanny Christine Ouzounian. Ouzounian used this time in the spotlight to pose for pictures outside of her home, and left cryptic Instagram posts following the news.

Affleck’s rep has repeatedly denied that their friendship wasn’t anything more than professional. That said, Ouzounian, who was originally looking to use this story as a way to break into reality television, has decided to move on and is now back with her fiancé in the Bahamas.

A source told E! about their difficult time dealing with nannygate:

“There was a lot of tension between them for a while, but it wasn’t all about the nanny. It’s never easy for a couple going through a split. There are still a lot of issues, but she has put them aside for the sake of the her family. Jen’s number one priority is the kids and always has been…When they [she and Ben] spend time together, it is for the kids.”

Affleck and Garner have both opted for mediation counseling and plan to alert the courts once they come to an agreement about splitting their assets. It’s said that they want to be as amicable as possible about their divorce and are still friends.

[Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images]