Rainbow Eyebrows Are The Newest Fashion Trend, Winky Lux Shares Their Secret With The Public

Just as the holidays are arriving, rainbow eyebrows has become the newest fashion trend in the makeup marketplace.

The trend has been around for a while in the fashion scene. Models have shown off their rainbow eyebrows on the catwalk and celebrities on the red carpets. However, for the home makeup artist, perfecting the rainbow eyebrows has been a challenge.

According to the Huffington Post, Winky Lux cosmetics has decided to market rainbow eyebrows to the consumer marketplace, just in time for the holiday season. Founder of Winky Lux, Natalie Mackey, shared that until now, rainbow eyebrows were exclusive to makeup artists.

“Rainbow brows is kind of a makeup artist exclusive… No one really knows how to do it unless you’re in beauty. We thought we would make it for everybody, so it’s very easy and all in one place.”

Although it is not impossible to recreate the look without the Winky Lux product, they have decided to offer the exact pigmentations needed for the pop that celebrities and models have. Normal color makeup simply does not have the intensity that Winky Lux has. However, some Mac products will work just fine.

Makeup experts suggest using an eyeshadow that has a high pigmentation to it, if you don’t want to spend money on the Winky Lux, or competing, products just yet. Instead, you can experiment with what you have lying around to see if the rainbow eyebrow style is a good fit for you.

Although many women, and some men, that wear rainbow eyebrows tend to do so at special events and festivals. Metro suggests wearing them during everyday events, such as shopping at your favorite super center.

Girls that have tried to recreate the rainbow eyebrows suggest redheads and blonds give it a shot, since their eyebrows are more translucent than a girl with brown or black hair. The rainbow eyebrows will pop more. However, overlaying a coat of white or silver eye shadow over darker eyebrows will help them to pop, if need be.

The rainbow eyebrow trend is expected to be one of the top fads this holiday season, along with creating an ombre hair coloring that mimics the sky during a brightly setting sun. In some instances, it is expected that the eyebrows may use the same fading techniques as the ombre hair.

Check out the video below to see a tutorial on how to create rainbow eyebrows yourself.

Alongside the trend of rainbow eyebrows and ombre sunset hair, temporary freckles are now searching out funds on Kickstarter so any girl or guy can have freckles on their face. According to Freck Yourself, is looking to raise $215,000 to out the product into production. The freckles are said to last at least 2 days before they start to fade or wash off.

Trends come and go over time. Some are practical like a fanny pack and others are outrageous like JNCO jeans. However, it is up to the trendsetter and fashion conscious individual to decide which trend is right for him or her. Regardless whether the trend becomes an international hit or is localized within a specific group, they always keep the world interesting.

Although the trend of rainbow eyebrows may only be around for a short time, the girls, and guys, that take part in the fun are sure to turn heads and become the focal point at any gathering.

What do you think about the rainbow eyebrow trend? Is it here to stay or is it destined to fade away as the sun shines on a new trend on the horizon?

[Image by Alexander Mak/Shutterstock]