Derek Jeter Reportedly Left Underwear Co. Because 50 Cent Is Too 'Urban,' Lawsuits Ensue

Earlier this month, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter filed a lawsuit against RevolutionWear Inc., an underwear company he previously bought a stake in. The pro baseball player claimed to be seeking declaratory relief, but he reportedly was upset that 50 Cent also represented the company.

Law 360 reports that Jeter, along with 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, were two of the numerous celebrities who bought a stake in the company's Frigo brand underwear, a luxury line of undergarments that sell for up to $100 per pair. According to the company, the Frigo line of underwear were made "to revolutionize the underwear industry by offering men optimal comfort, moisture-control and support, with style and practicality in mind."

Jeter filed the lawsuit at the Delaware Court of Chancery, but the details surrounding the case remains disclosed because it has "complex issues relating to the interpretation of a director services agreement and indemnification." Yet it may have something to do with legal issues brought against Jeter.

In addition to Jeter launching a lawsuit against RevolutionWear Inc., the company also sued him as well. The story began in 2013, when Jeter told the company he had no plans to promote the underwear in the United States during its launch, preferring to keep it private in Sweden. Consequently, the company allowed 50 Cent to become brand ambassador, something that Jeter reportedly disagreed with.

According to Mathias Ingvarsson, the majority owner of Frigo, Jeter stated that having 50 Cent as the brand ambassador would be "too urban" and taint his reputation. Jeter allegedly backed out of the deal, and Ingvarsson claims that it ended up costing the company over $30 million. The company is suing Jeter for $4.7 million of the lost costs. Sports Media 101 reports that Ingvarsson would rather the lawsuit be settled out of court.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, 50 Cent posted a series of photos of himself on Instagram sporting a pair of Frigo underwear. The 39-year-old rapper promoted the underwear line while proudly showing off his physique.

50 Cent shows off his physique while promoting the upscale underwear line, Frigo. [Photo Courtesy of Instagram]
50 Cent shows off his physique while promoting the upscale underwear line Frigo. [Photo Courtesy of Instagram]In 2014, the "In Da' Club" rapper took to social media to announce his deal with the underwear company. He was clearly proud of the endeavor.
"I just did a deal for $78 million for underwear. What did you m****f***** do today? Lllllllllooooolllllllllll #Boom #FRIGO'"
In other Derek Jeter news, the former Yankees captain recently got engaged to swimsuit model Hannah Davis, but wasn't pleased when questioned about it. Jeter, known for being private, has no plans to talk about his personal life. When recently asked about the engagement while attending the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation fundraiser at the Cipriani on Broadway, Jeter simply replied with, "Come on man."

Derek Jeter has alway been mum regarding his personal life. [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]
Derek Jeter has alway been mum regarding his personal life. [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]When Jeter was told it was a reporter's duty to ask such questions, he simply smiled and said it wasn't necessary, and that he would employ a reporter himself if fired for refusing to ask personal questions.

Despite Jeter's reluctance to talk, his fiancé gets a seal of approval from Joe Torre, the former New York Yankees manager who wishes Jeter the best in his endeavors, although he's unsure if he'll get a wedding invite.

"I don't know if I'll get an invitation. It's pretty cool. Hannah is a lovely lady."
David Wells, a former MLB pitcher also known as "Boomer," also gives his blessings to the new couple. When asked about Jeter's engagement, Wells indicated that the engagement was perfectly played.
"He did it the right way. Off the field, he played it perfect."
So far, Derek Jeter hasn't commented on the RevolutionWear Inc. lawsuit.

[Photo Courtesy of Koji Watanabe/Getty Images Sport]