‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers — Will Meredith And Amelia Finally End Their Feud In The Winter Finale?

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) have certainly not been on the same page so far in Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy. Along with the fact the two are still adjusting to their new living arrangements, things really started to get tense between the two doctors ever since Penny (Samantha Sloyan) appeared on the scene. However, are Meredith and Amelia ready to set aside their differences in the mid-season finale?

According to the Christian Post, the upcoming winter finale, titled “The Things We Lost in the Fire,” will center on the strained relationship between Amelia and Meredith. Exactly how this ends up unfolding is unknown, but in the recent trailer, Amelia is heard shouting at Meredith. Presumably, their argument has something to do with Penny and how she is still a resident at Grey Sloan Memorial, though it isn’t clear.

Penny has been at the forefront of the issues between Meredith and Amelia. This is mainly because she was the doctor who failed to save Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) life following his tragic accident at the end of Season 11. Her reappearance on the show only reignited those painful memories for both Meredith and Amelia.

Whether or not their latest argument leads to something good or breaks them apart even further will be interesting to see. This is especially true considering they both live together and they both went through a lot following Derek’s untimely death. Hopefully, they move past their issues, and Penny ends up being a source of healing rather than being the divisive figure she has proven to be as of late.

Aside from all the drama involving Meredith and Amelia, the finale is also set to focus on the mysterious past between Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson). With the doctors getting ready to take on a flood of wounded firefighters in the winter finale, the International Business Times is reporting that more will be revealed about the conflict between Owen and Nathan.

In the last episode, fans saw Owen go through a PTSD attack that was brought on by the appearance of Riggs at the hospital. Following this, Owen candidly informed Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that it was a very big mistake allowing Riggs to work at the hospital.

Although little has been revealed about their past, Owen admitted to Meredith that he hates Riggs. Apart from this, McKidd did promise fans that more will be revealed in the coming episode in regards to the cause of Owen’s intense hatred of Riggs.

“We’re going to get more [information], but not all of it, and not the key elements to it,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re going to get very enticing hints next week, and hints that people will be able to draw their own conclusions. The actual spelling out of what happens is going to be saved until we come back.”

While the majority of the background between Owen and Riggs will be revealed after the winter finale, fans will find out more about Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew). In the last episode, Jackson and April went out to eat in order to discuss their impending divorce. However, instead of talking about their split the two went home and slept together.

With that in mind, will the coming episode reveal that Jackson and April are on their way to repair their broken marriage? Additionally, will fans finally get to see Meredith and Amelia move past their differences?

Fans can find out what is in store for these characters and more when the mid-season finale of Grey’s Anatomy hits televisions on November 19 on ABC.

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