Ben Seewald Calls Out Celebrities And Sports Stars For Being Prideful, Duggar Family Agrees

Jessa Duggar Seewald recently welcomed her first child with husband Ben, but that hasn’t stopped the new father from sharing his weekly devotionals with fans. Ben shared a new blog post yesterday that called out many celebrities and sports stars for being “prideful” and “boastful.” He claims that many people in the public eye use their fame or position to boast, but that is “no valid grounds for it” according to the bible. Therefore, Ben says that people must live in perpetual gratitude for everything they have, as none of it was earned and all of it was given freely to them by God.

The Duggar son-in-law, Ben Seewald, posted a devotional to the Seewald Family Blog that outlined why he feels that many public figures, such as celebrities, professional athletes, and politicians, are too prideful. Seewald says that many “highly gifted individuals” will boast about their talents. However, he says that pride is never valid because all the glory “belongs to God.”

“Superstar athletes, for example, are often referred to as ‘highly gifted individuals’. Too many times stars, celebrities, highly skilled professionals, politicians and other well knowns can be prideful and boastful. Even people who feel like they are less gifted often take great pride in how hard they work. Let this be clear, humanity may boast in itself, but there are no valid grounds for it. The glory all belongs to God, “in whom we live, and move, and have our being.”

He says that without God, these athletes would not have the ability to score a touchdown or kick a goal. Therefore, they should be giving all the glory to God instead of to themselves. While Ben calls out the prideful people in the world, many people have called out Ben for being boastful as the young family makes its way back to TLC for the new special Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

Following the cancellation of the Duggar family’s show 19 Kids and Counting, TLC claimed that its relationship with the Duggars was over. However, just a few short months later, the network signed up for specials revolving around the two recently married Duggar daughters. The daughters no longer carry the Duggar last name, so it seems that TLC thought the families would be able to overcome the negative publicity associated with the Duggar clan. Therefore, the network decided to air three specials on Jill Dillard’s move to Central America and Jessa Seewald’s pregnancy and birth.

Ben and Jessa Seewald have been at the center of the new specials and with the birth of their first child, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald, have been featured heavily in the media spotlight. With the family’s every move scrutinized, it is no wonder many have called Ben out for exploiting his reality television star status for his own gain. The family have been accused of relying on their reality star status to make money for their large brood, and the Seewalds have not been immune to those criticisms. In fact, many have called Jessa Seewald a “narcissist” and “self-centered” for her constant barrage of selfies and posts to social media.

Despite the Duggars being called out as prideful and arrogant, they seem to agree with son-in-law Ben and directed fans to the new devotional on their personal Facebook page.

What do you think about Ben Seewald calling out celebrities and sports stars for being prideful? Are Ben and Jessa guilty of being boastful when they post photos of their travels and luxuries in life that were granted due to their reality star fame?

[Image via Instagram/Ben Seewald]