Joey Feek Has High Hopes To Still Be Around For Christmas

Joey Feek is still battling cancer, but that doesn’t mean that she has given up hope just yet. The country singer, who is part of the duo Joey + Rory, is hopeful that she might still be around for Christmas this year with her daughter, Indiana. People shared that Joey wants a Christmas miracle, and is hoping to stick around for another holiday.

Her husband, Rory, shared that she is hoping for a miracle, and that they are praying for it.

“Her friends gathered around her on the couch and she told them of her hope that she might be able to still be here for Christmas, or for Indiana’s second birthday in February.”

Joey Feek is very connected to God, and through this entire thing the family has shared that they are praying for a miracle. Joey even shared that the cancer was worth it to her because her dad actually found the Lord and got saved. This means that she will be able to see her entire family in Heaven someday. This alone makes the cancer worth it to her. Joey is very excited about this news, and it has really made the entire battle easier on her.

Right now, Joey is staying at her childhood home, but a lot of her friends recently loaded up to come and see her. They shared that it was a great time.

“They all stayed for many hours, and Joey’s mama cooked and had pies and dinner for everyone. We all laughed and we cried, and one-by-one I led our friends through a door into the back bedroom to see her and sit with her and talk.”

Rory went on to explain more about their day with Joey Feek, and it does sound like they had an amazing time together.

“Joey had had Russell [the couple’s bus driver and close friend], earlier that morning, find the quilt that Miss Joan had made her at the farm – the one with the log cabin pattern with lots of red on it – and bring it up in the bus with him. She said that’s what she wants to be wrapped in when it’s her time to go. Our tears fell with hers.”

Entertainment Weekly shared that they are still hoping for a miracle. This family really does want it to all work out, and for Joey Feek to live through this cancer. The doctors told them that there was nothing else they could do for her and sent Joey home. The couple is cherishing all of their time together while Joey is still here, though. You never know what might happen. A lot of people didn’t expect her to make it this long, and Joey Feek is still here and pushing through. Joey Feek hopes that things go easy for her when she does pass away.

“I pray that one morning I just don’t wake up. But I don’t fear anything because I’m so close to God and we’ve talked about it so many times. I know he’s close. And I know he loves me. I’m really at peace. I still believe there’s healing in prayer.”

Joey and Rory Feek are still asking that everyone continues to pray for them. You never know what might happen, and this couple is still praying hard. Joey Feek is an incredible woman, who will always be remembered and live on through her amazing music. Hopefully she can find a way to make it through the holidays like she is hoping for right now.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CCMA]