September 13, 2017
Limited Edition Lego Slippers And Other Unique Christmas Gifts

Lego slippers are a new product to help those parents who have been through the pain and suffering of stepping on this somewhat jagged toy. Some children can be in the habit of leaving out Legos all over the place, which, during the wee hours of the morning, can interfere with a groggy parent, turning a small trip to the bathroom into a startling, uninvited wake-up call on a Saturday morning.

Lego Slippers Foot Wear
[Image via Shutterstock]According to the Orlando Sentinel, Lego has partnered with a PR company in France and designed the Lego slippers. The drawback is that it's available in limited quantities, a grand total of 1,500 pairs to be precise. The distribution of the product will be through France's Lego website in the format of a Christmas wishlist.

The Lego brand color of red and yellow will be attached to the slippers, which will be rectangular in shape, likely an attempt to produce the similar shape of the Lego brick, Digital Times reports. It's also not shaped like a typical shoe, where the footwear is exclusive to the right or left foot. That way, they can provide the convenience of donning the shoe quickly before making your way down a dark hall to the bathroom.

These slippers were designed with an extra layer of padding to provide the comfort for the sensitive foot should it make contact with those plastic Legos, especially around Christmas time when the request for other Lego bricks may be included underneath the tree.

There is also another piece of news that's limiting Lego in general. In a report made by the Guardian, it appears that in Europe there may not be enough plastic to get the toys out on the shelves come Christmas. It appears that the demand is likely connected with the movies that have kept children entertained with their exclusive characters, some of which were voiced by famous celebrities in The Lego Movie like Will Arnett as Batman, Anthony Daniels as C-3PO, Elizabeth Banks, and a host of others in this mash-up film. There is even a Lego 2 in the works.

Lego spokesperson Roar Trangbaek expressed his feedback regarding the high demand.

"It is really extraordinary and it has exceeded both ours and our customers' forecasts. We are running our factories at maximum capacity and will do everything we can to meet demand."
Good news is that Lego is planning on building a plant in Jiaxing, China, which is expected to start operation in 2017. It'll be around 100 kilometers away from Shanghai. This factory should fulfill all of Asia's Lego needs, slippers not included.

For those not in France and prefer real-life interaction, the Grimsby Telegraph reported that the Fabulous Christmas Fair will be held at the Grimsby Minster in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England, from Nov. 19 to 21. Organizer Charlotte Bowen mentioned that this will be their fifth fair this Christmas season. Most of these unique Christmas items will span from vintage paper, hand-made jewelry, and knitted items for both kids and adults. Some of those items could wind up being slippers, but likely not of the Lego variety.

Lego Slippers
[Image via Shutterstock]If you prefer Hunger Games over Lego, Bustle made mention of a few items iconic of the franchise. For instance, there is the Peeta T-shirt, with reference to a loaf a bread he regretted not handing to Katniss Everdeen. It's listed on Esty for $23. Then there is the knitted, personalized Mockingjay stocking which has the option of being hung on the fireplace mantel during the holidays.

So, what will you do if you aren't able to be one of the lucky 1,500 customers who will get the Lego slippers? Do you have any interesting and unique Christmas gifts in mind?

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