Is Miranda Lambert Dating? Find Out How Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Reportedly Led Her To Move On

Miranda Lambert is reportedly ready to move on from recent divorce from Blake Shelton. According to a new report, Miranda Lambert was made aware of her ex-husband’s PDA with his new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, on the set of their NBC competition, The Voice, and now, she’s looking forward to getting her PDA on, as well.

“It’s motivating [Miranda Lambert] to get out there and find someone for herself,” a source told Hollywood Life on November 17.

“[Miranda Lambert’s] done crying over Blake. She hasn’t been pursuing romance at all, telling friends she needs more time. But now that Blake is flaunting his new relationship, Miranda is getting back on that horse. She wants to find a hot guy of her own and show off some major PDA.”

Just weeks after Miranda Lambert’s ex-husband’s new relationship was confirmed, he and Stefani took their romance public by getting super cozy during a recent taping of The Voice. According to a November 17 report by People Magazine, Miranda Lambert’s former partner and his new love were flirting so heavily that it actually took away from one of the contestant’s performances and led Pharrell Williams to step in and get the series back on track.

Over the summer, Miranda Lambert and Shelton parted ways, and just one month later, Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, announced their divorce. Although no reason has been given for the split of Miranda Lambert’s ex’s new girlfriend and her former husband, rumors have continuously circled that claim Rossdale engaged in a three-year affair with the couple’s nanny, Mindy Mann, prior to their split. In a recent issue of Us Weekly, a source claimed Stefani discovered news of her ex-husband’s rumored romance with Mann in February of this year after coming across incriminating messages between the two on the family’s iPad.

There have also been rumors claiming Miranda Lambert’s alleged cheating with multiple men was what ultimately led Shelton to abandon their four-year marriage. However, a source insisted to Hollywood Life that the false reports, started by Star Magazine were nothing more than a “campaign to make Blake look better for up and leaving her.”

“[Miranda Lambert] denies ever cheating on Blake, it’s a case of he said she said but most of their friends have sided with [Miranda Lambert]. She’s just never been the cheating type, she was always so head over heels for Blake, she lived for that guy. To says cheated with five other men and no one knew about it, well it just doesn’t ring true for anyone. [Miranda Lambert] denies ever being unfaithful to Blake, she feels like it’s just a smear campaign to make Blake look better for up and leaving her.”

As Miranda Lambert’s ex continues to flaunt his new romance, she has remained a bit more reclusive. While Miranda Lambert did attend the Country Music Awards in Nashville earlier this month, she hasn’t been spotted on the red carpet since. On her Instagram page, it appears she’s staying focused on her friends and her music.

In just a few months, Miranda Lambert is scheduled to begin her new tour, which will take her to several countries around the world, including the Scotland, Ireland, and the United States. Coming along for the tour is Sam Hunt, and already, there have been rumors claiming the pair were secretly dating just two months after Miranda Lambert’s marriage came to an end.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]