Lala Kent Slams Kristen Doute For Existing And Talks Mysterious Trip To Italy

Lala Kent is new to Vanderpump Rules and SUR, and she didn’t exactly make the best impression on her new co-workers. She started out her first work day with a lie, which didn’t sit well with Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney. Lala admitted that she had lied, but she continued to stand by the fact that she wasn’t being paid to hook up with older men. But these days, Kent appears to be taking an interest in James Kennedy.

Of course, Lala Kent and James may start dating, but on Vanderpump Rules, they are just starting to talk. Kennedy denied cheating on Kristen Doute, but he was clearly lying. And Lala didn’t know whether she should trust him. But these days, Lala has nothing left for Doute. It is quite possible that James has told Lala something about Kristen that didn’t sit well with her.

According to a new Bravo report, Lala Kent is now revealing that she has nothing left for Kristen. It is no secret that these two will have an altercation later this season, but these days, Kent wants nothing to do with Doute. And she recently threw some shade at Doute for simply existing.

“Pshhhh NEXT!… I have no feelings toward her,” Lala recently revealed during an interview with Heavy, according to Bravo. “She is just there, breathing my air.”

Of course, Kent could care less about Doute, but she didn’t exactly make the best impression on her co-workers. When Lala told the lie about going to Italy to do some modeling, Katie Maloney questioned her story, as Tom Schwartz has never been asked to go abroad for work. But Kent thinks that Katie’s comment was downright stupid.

“Stupid thing to say,” Lala Kent revealed about her modeling lie, pointing out that she did have a point with her story, adding, “American models are brought to Europe all the time for bookings. Obviously she wouldn’t know that.”

Rather than listening to Lala Kent’s story, Katie and Scheana assumed that Lala was going with a much older man and was being paid for the trip. Plus, the girls tried to make it sound like Kent was indeed a luxury prostitute using her body to pay for the trip. But Lala doesn’t have any bad feelings about the conversation.

“Watching it now, it gives me a good laugh. I wish I could be one of those girls, that does sexual favors for cool sh**. I’d be iced up, driving a Rolls Royce. Sadly, I can only hook up with people I am fully interested in, and those dudes are usually broke,” Lala said, adding, “But, just so everyone knows, if I’m keeping my legs closed, then I am most definitely keeping my mouth closed.”

It sounds like Kent is fitting in at SUR, and she is impressing Lisa Vanderpump. Kent hasn’t been fired yet based on her social media posts, and she is still bonding with some of her co-stars. But fellow Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval does think that Lala made a bad first impression. In fact, he thinks that her modeling lie was outrageous.

“Lala wasn’t exactly honest. You know watching [that episode], right off the bat, and I’m the one that actually knew that immediately because I have 15 years in the modeling industry experience and I know 100 percent that nobody’s going to fly somebody in from L.A. to Milan unless they are Gisele,” Tom Sandoval told the Daily Dish after hearing about Lala Kent’s story about being sent to Italy to model.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s harsh comments about Kristen Doute? Why do you think she had the trip to Italy scheduled?

[Photo by Rochelle Brodin/Getty Images]