‘He’s A Monster’: Charlie Sheen’s Exes Lay Into Star, One Slept With Him Last Week Not Knowing He Had HIV

In the wake of Charlie Sheen’s bombshell revelation that he has been HIV positive for “roughly four years,” the Hollywood star has come under intense fire from an array of former lovers, with many accusing him of recklessly exposing them to the potentially deadly virus. Sheen’s former partners don’t seem to have any kind words to say about the actor, and one even alleges that she had sex with him as recently as last week.

Sources close to Sheen told TMZ that the actor didn’t find out about his HIV-positive status until May of 2011. That would mean Sheen wasn’t aware that he was infected until after he’d broken up with former adult film actress Bree Olson. That’s little solace for Olson, though, and she’s minced no words in giving her opinion on Sheen’s HIV diagnosis and whether he’d been honest with her.

“I could be dead right now!” Olson told Inside Edition. “I could literally be dead right now because [Sheen] did not tell me that!”

Olson says that Sheen insisted that he was “clean” when they were together and that the two were having sex “every single night” while she was living in his house.

“It was like playing Russian Roulette,” Olson continued. “It was like putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger each time.”

Olson says that Sheen never told her that he is HIV positive. The Daily Mail notes that, in a later interview, Olson said of Sheen, “He’s a monster.”

Also claiming that Sheen wasn’t forthcoming with his HIV-positive status is Natalie Kenly, who was with Sheen at the same time as Olson. While Olson has said that she “will never forgive” Sheen and called him “a terrible person,” Kenly told TMZ that she is not upset with Sheen and does not plan to file a lawsuit against him.

That may prove to be little solace for Sheen, though, as TMZ is reporting that six of Sheen’s former sexual partners are planning lawsuits for “intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery.”

The plaintiffs will allege that Sheen told them nothing of his HIV-positive status, even though he has known for four years. Several women in the suits say they have had sex, both protected and unprotected, with Sheen as recently a month ago. One claims that she had sex with Sheen as recently as a week ago and that the actor did not disclose his condition.

Sheen’s revelation of his HIV-positive status has brought ex-lovers out from all corners, with new details on Sheen’s alleged risky behaviors hitting the news seemingly every hour. The Daily Mail on Tuesday carried a report from Kacey Jordan, another adult film actress who says she slept with Sheen.

Jordan, who says that she was paid $30,000 to attend a 2011 party at Sheen’s home, claims that she and Sheen watched adult films for hours before having sex. Jordan claims to have gotten pregnant from her encounter with Sheen since the condom they were using broke. Jordan terminated the pregnancy, but she says that she is HIV negative and that Sheen wouldn’t knowingly put people at risk. Still, Jordan says that the 36-hour drug binge she engaged in with Sheen was typical of the sort of “high-risk behavior” that Sheen was indulging in at the time, behavior that Jordan says included regular trysts with adult film stars and transsexuals.

Sheen says that it is impossible that he could have transmitted the virus to anyone, as his doctors say there are no traces of HIV in Sheen’s blood right now. The actor further says he isn’t afraid of any potential criminal action, as Sheen says he readily disclosed his status to sexual partners and “led with condoms” in sexual encounters. Those disclosures, Sheen says, are the reason he was paying out millions in hush money to multiple individuals.

Those payouts appear to have had an impact on Sheen’s overall financial health. The actor was reported by Variety to be listing two of his multi-million dollar California mansions for sale.

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