iPad Pro Launch Proves Apple Is Losing Ground

When a review for Apple’s new iPad Pro appeared on Inquisitr this weekend that basically said Apple is losing it, there were a lot of complaints. Many people believe that Apple’s iPad Pro is a robust device that should be judged by its own merits.

In an email, tech enthusiast Jonathan Hart made some good points. He said that the iPad Pro was not created as a Surface Pro or Surface Book competitor, but rather as a new input device. He said that Apple’s device was perfect for an A3 sketch pad replacement. He also noted that the iPad Pro can be used as a second display.

One thing that Mr. Hart thought was ridiculous was the fact that the Apple Pencil and Apple Keyboard are two devices absolutely essential for the iPad Pro, but did not ship in proper amounts, leaving most buyers to use their fingers for the next couple of weeks. This is a big mistake on Apple’s part, and could be seen as even more proof Apple is losing touch. However, as MacRumors points out, some stores have been receiving a limited amount of Apple Pencils.

“Beginning early Tuesday, it appears that more Apple Retail Stores in the U.S. have begun receiving very limited Apple Pencil stock… MacRumors forum members have shared a handful of other Apple Stores with Apple Pencil stock over the past 24 hours, listed below, although some have since sold out and we cannot guarantee stock remaining at every store due to the combination of limited supplies and strong demand.”

Apple is already trying to prove that the iPad Pro has a relevant space in the market in the age of the Surface Pro, so one wonders why they wouldn’t have the appropriate accessories ready for it. Some people have suggested that it’s all a publicity stunt designed to increase awareness of the device and — in the end — increase sales. Others think it’s just more proof that Apple has lost the plot.

Despite any numbers that Apple gives out, not even die-hard Apple fanatics can say that it has been a great year for Apple. The Apple Watch was strike one for Apple. After a year of hype, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch in March. It was supposed to usher in the smartwatch industry, but didn’t. TechZone360 discussed reasons why the Watch failed.

“The reasons the Apple Watch isn’t doing well are that its name works against it, it likely should have come before and not after the iPhone, and we wear it like a watch, not like the amazing new device it should be.”

Perhaps it is too early to call the Apple Watch a failure — the people who own it usually love it. However, the Watch feels like a beta product — much like the first iPhone did. Apple got things right with the second generation of the iPhone and will likely do the same with the Apple Watch 2.

Then, there are the new 2016 iPhones. Calling the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus failures would be really pushing the limits of the truth, but nobody can deny that demand is slower than Apple thought and that these devices are disappointing upgrades. This can be considered strike 2 against Apple. According to Motley Fool,Tech Times, and other sites, demand for the 6s and 6s Plus has been slower than people thought. Combine that with the fact that both phones still contain screens that have resolutions lower than 2014 Android phones, it’s obvious that Apple might be losing their smartphone magic.

Now, we are back to the iPad Pro. The device may have its fans, but the sales rollout for the device is definitely strike 3 against Apple. And after strike 3, making a comeback is difficult. Do you think 2015 is the year Apple fell? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Eric Risberg / AP Images]