Florida Woman: Argument Over Sex Positions Allegedly Ends Violently

A Florida woman has been arrested after an argument about sex positions ended violently between her and her ex-husband. Complex reports that 45-year-old Wendy Luper has been charged with at least one crime associated with domestic battery after she ran the man over with her car.

The incident reportedly took place on Saturday night while Luper and her former husband, Michael Vaccaro, were at a storage unit facility in Bradenton. The duo had recently ended their marriage, and the man had met Luper at the storage facility to pick up some of his things. However, amorous feelings die hard between couples, and the man wanted her to lay down on the ground to have sex with him. This wasn’t going to fly with the Florida woman, though.

Wendy and Michael reportedly broke into an argument over what position to use during their sexual escapade, because the Florida woman did not want to do it in the missionary position. The Daily Mail reports that the altercation went from uncomfortable to explosive when Michael Vaccaro walked away from his estranged wife after she turned down his request to have sex in the missionary position. This evidently angered her beyond the point of reason, because when Vaccaro asked for a ride back home, she told him to “f**k off,” before throwing something from the vehicle. The unknown object struck the Florida man in the head, immediately causing a bloody head wound.

That’s not all that happened. Vaccaro had tried to get inside the vehicle, but as he was halfway in and halfway out, Luper accelerated the vehicle and sped away, which ran over the man. He suffered no serious injuries from the incident, however — just an injured and swollen foot aside from his head wound. When authorities arrested the Florida woman, she would not admit to the assault, but did say that Vaccaro had wanted to have sex with her. She has since posted bond in the amount of $750, and has been released from jail.

This isn’t the first time a Florida woman (or Florida man, for that matter) has made media headlines over sex-related incidents. Last year, a Florida couple were caught having “public drunken sex” at a retirement community. The woman, who was nearly 70-years-old at the time of the incident, was pantsless and “clearly drunk” at the time of her arrest, as was her partner in crime. Another Florida woman made headlines recently, when she called 911 because she wanted chicken wings and cigarettes. She was arrested for “misuse of the 911 system,” and probably didn’t get her cigarettes or chicken wings in the process.

This week, another woman from Florida was arrested after she was found sleeping in a dumpster at Lani Kai Island Resort. The woman was reportedly inebriated, with her pants down around her ankles. She was also reportedly covered with grease. When authorities tried to arrest her, she allegedly became so belligerent that they had to tase her.

As for this latest case out of Florida, it’s not known at this time if Wendy Luper and her estranged husband will continue to attempt a reconciliation. Given the current allegations surrounding the woman, it’s hard to imagine that the two will be reunited in matrimony in any time soon.

[Image via Manatee County Sheriff’s Office]