Justin Bieber Heats Up ‘Today’ Show With Halsey, Big Sean: Talks ‘Purpose,’ Spotlight

Justin Bieber, and famous guests, rocked the Today Show for the Citi Concert series on Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, before hundreds of fans on Wednesday morning.

Before his performance, the 21-year-old superstar spoke with host Matt Lauer about his just released, acclaimed Purpose album, being in the “best place I’ve ever been,” and the loss of his friend, Universal Music Group executive Thomas Ayad, in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

Justin sang five songs for screaming fans. At times, his voice sounded tired, which isn’t surprising given his non-stop promo schedule.

During his medley, the Canadian singer sang his reggaeton forgiveness anthem, “Sorry,” “The Feeling,” his collaboration with indie-songstress, Halsey, the electro-R&B winner “No Pressure” with rapper Big Sean, the acoustic “Love Yourself,” (penned with British buddy Ed Sheeran), and an acoustic version of “Company” to replace a similarly acoustic version of his worldwide No. 1 smash, “What Do You Mean?”

At the start of their onstage interview, Lauer mentioned that the Biebs had been scheduled to go on the Today show on Monday for a chat, but it was postponed due to the attacks in Paris last Friday, which left 129 dead and more injured.

Of his slain pal, the singer recalled, “It was really hard for me. We’d been working together for probably about four or five years.”

“It’s a sad thing, man,” Justin continued, before adding “heart and prayers go out to their families,” along with Lauer.

Lauer also asked the singer what his Purpose album tells people about his previous turbulent years and what the music reveals.

“I think it just reflects where I am right now. We’re going up,” said the Biebs. “It’s been a long journey. But I think I’m in the best place I’ve ever been.”

Replying to a question as to whether he stopped some of his acting out because of conscious decision or simply growing out of them, the Biebs said, “Yeah, I think a lot of people go through… those struggles but they’re not in the public eye.”

Explaining, he went on “I grew up in front of, in the spotlight… so it was tough for me.” The singer added, “But, we’re on the other side. And I think that I’m 21, and I got a lot of great people surrounding me.”

Agreeing with Lauer that he felt less nervous about his upcoming 58-date U.S. leg of his Purpose tour (it begins March 9, 2016) when he looked at the Today Show fans, Bieber enthused, “The love is undeniable and I’m really excited about this new chapter.”

He concluded, “People are listening to the music. It’s about the music.”

The last time Justin performed on the Today Show, he had an issue with one camera being too near his head rather his feet. There was no repeat of that problem today, but at one point the singer did request that the auto-tune on his microphone be turned off, which seems fair enough.

Shortly before taking to the stage, Justin took to Twitter to tease his performance and featured guests. He also sent some love to the die-hard Beliebers who camped out around the plaza the night before.

During and after the show, fans and media outlets commented on the stage chemistry of Halsey and Justin.

Post-performance, Justin took to Twitter to thank Big Sean and Halsey for joining him on stage. They replied in kind. Meanwhile, Purpose is tracking for a No. 1 position on the Top Albums Sales and Billboard 200 Albums chart next week.

Check out the selection of videos below.

The Feeling

Justin and Halsey perform their duet, both rocking ripped jeans and come hither stares.


The young hitmaker performed the No.3 U.S iTunes hit “Sorry,” backed by a lineup of his usual dancers.

Love Yourself

Justin singing the acoustic kiss-off to an unnamed past lover. It is thought the song isn’t about his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez.


No Pressure

[Photo by Noam Galal/Getty Images]