‘Black Desert Online’ Now Available For Pre-Order In North America, Europe

Black Desert Online, the open world action world MMO developed by Pearl Abyss, is now available for pre-order. The upcoming MMO is already turning heads with a robust character creator, impressive visuals, and extremely active combat. Black Desert Online will feature a buy-to-play business model with optional in-game store purchases, and pre-ordering the game now will grant early access to the game as well as other bonuses.

With a targeted release date of early next year, Black Desert Online will launch with six classes including Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Valkyire, Warrior, and Wizard/Witch. Players can view new class videos accompany the pre-order announcement today that feature a brief look at each class in combat on the official YouTube channel for Black Desert Online. The expected release date comes according to the official pre-order announcement on the official site where it is also mentioned that Black Desert Online will be published by Daum Games in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

In the world of Black Desert Online, players are tied to the Black Spirit guide in a journey to find out more about the source of their power, the Black Stones. Nations quarrel over the area where the Stone are located, and it is up to the player to uncover its origins and the civilization that envelops it.

“The Black Stone is said to have corrupted the minds of the ancients, causing the fall of their civilization with its alchemy. It is commonly found in the desert between the Republic of Calpheon, the land of capital and commerce, and Valencia Kingdom, the land of absolute monarchy.”

Black Desert Online features particularly action-oriented gameplay and highly customizable characters. Additionally, players can tame mounts, fish the game’s waters, gather materials, master the trade market, and customize their experience even further with player housing.

Black Desert Online
Player housing in Black Desert Online [Image via Black Desert Online]

Interested players can pre-order Black Desert Online for as low as $30 with two other more expensive options available. The Traveler’s Package, at $30, gives a player access to a digital copy of the game and one guess pass that lasts seven days, three Housing Décor Coupons, three Unknown Dye Boxes, an Appearance Change Coupon, three Partial Skill Resets, and a Steel Toolset Package.

The next option is the $50 Explorer’s Package that includes the game, two guest passes, five décor coupons, five dye boxes, an Appearance Change Coupon, five Partial Skill Resets, a Steel Toolset Package, a Tier three horse, a permanent Horse Whistle, and a pet of choice. This higher tier also comes with access to the second closed beta test.

Finally, devoted Black Desert Online enthusiasts can pick up the $100 pre-order called the Conqueror’s Package. The base game, three guest passes, 10 décor coupons, 10 dye boxes, an Appearance Change Coupon, 10 Partial Skill Resets, a Steel Toolset Package, a Tier five Horse, a permanent Horse Whistle, a pet of choice, and 2,500 Pearls to spend in the in-game store. This tier is the most expensive and also includes access to the first and second closed beta test.

Black Desert Online
Players can tame their horses in Black Desert Online [Image via Black Desert Online]

Moreover, pre-ordering any of these Black Desert Online packages guarantees the purchaser access to a unique in-game title, head start access to the game, at least one additional characters slot, family name reservations, and name reservation. The Traveler’s Pack includes one character slot and a 24-hour head start. The Explorer’s Pack includes two additional characters slots, a 48-hour head start, and an exclusive weapon skin. Finally, the Conqueror’s Pack includes three additional character slots, a 96-hour head start, an exclusive weapon skin, and an exclusive costume. These bonuses are only available by pre-ordering the game considering that most of them are time sensitive.

All three packs are available to purchase on the official Black Desert Online website.

[Image via Black Desert Online]