Katy Perry Designs Line Of Holiday Onesies And Pens Original Christmas Song [Listen]

Pop star Katy Perry is really getting into the holiday spirit this year by producing a number of original Christmas-themed products, including a brand new holiday song and her own line of holiday onesies.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Katy Perry is a longtime fan of the onesie, and is even seen sporting a pizza onesie in public from time to time. She’s apparently harnessing that affection for sleepwear along with her Christmas cheer to develop a line of holiday onesies suitable for the whole family. Katy Perry teamed up with the company Beloved Shirts to produce the onesies, and they’re already available online.

Onesie designs include Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, “Ginger Boo” and “Ginger Bae,” and even a Christmas tree with a “Katy Perry” ornament. While the designs are sleek and stylish, each Katy Perry onesie will set you back quite a bit — in the range of $80 to $130, depending on if you’re buying for an adult, child, or infant. To purchase a Katy Perry original for yourself or a loved one, head over to the Beloved Shirts website.

Katy Perry even released two promotional videos for the “Belovsie” line on her Instagram page, showing how the hood of the onesies can be zipped over the head and face to make a Mr. and Mrs. Claus mask.

“Just a little over a month away, and even Mrs. Claus can’t find anything to wear to the holiday party,” Katy Perry wrote in the caption.

But the onesie line hasn’t kept Katy Perry from doing what she does best: making music. The pop star teamed up with H&M stores to produce a brand new Christmas song titled “Every Day Is A Holiday.” According to Xpose, the song was written by Katy Perry herself and produced by British DJ Duke Dumont.

The new Katy Perry song is already playing in H&M stores, but it’s slated to release universally on November 23 for the official H&M television ad campaign, which will also star Katy Perry. So far, all that’s been released of “Every Day Is A Holiday” online are short snippets of the song that people have recorded while inside H&M stores. You can sample the new Katy Perry Christmas track in the YouTube video below.

”No singing. I’m off for the rest of the year. My family and I don’t really exchange presents any more, we have little ones now that are sprouting up and they have their own Christmas. But we just go on vacation. We have a chef. We just eat, drink and pass out. We are all grown up and there’s something really nostalgic about all the kids getting under the same roof, so it’s like we are teenagers again in a way. That’s the best feeling.”

Look for Katy Perry in the H&M TV commercials starting on November 23.

What do you think about the new Katy Perry song? Does it help you get into the Holiday spirit? What about her new line of Christmas onesies? Will you be buying any for gifts this year?

[Photo by Mark Davis / Getty Images]