Jamar Clark Video: Shooting Videos Exist, But Won’t Yet Be Released Despite Demand [Video]

There does exist video of Jamar Clark's shooting. Clark was a 24-year-old who died Monday night after Jamar was shot by police. There are plenty of videos of Jamar's shooting, reports CBS Local. However, none of those Clark shooting videos show the entire interaction that shows the African-American Minneapolis man being shot by police.

The videos of Jamar's shooting are crucial, and those videos of Clark getting shot are in high demand from protesters, reports the Huffington Post. The videos of Jamar's early-morning melee with cops that led to Clark's death are important, because some protesters believe Clark was shot by police while Jamar was handcuffed. Clark's videos are being held, claims the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, so the videos of Jamar being shot won't taint the investigation.

Those videos will not be released at this time, says the below BCA update about Jamar's shooting video, which calls the non-release of Clark's shooting videos "normal procedure."

With those who witnessed Jamar's shooting claiming Clark had on handcuffs when police shot him -- something authorities claim isn't true -- the videos will provide the truth about what happened in Jamar's shooting incident. The shooting of Clark has prompted protests so intense that demonstrators blocked traffic on a major highway.

Although the BCA says that the Jamar shooting video doesn't show everything, as reported by KARE‎, those posting #ReleaseTheTapes hashtags on Twitter want any type of video evidence to come out regarding Clark. Protesters are demanding the federal investigation come in conjunction with any dash cam video of Jamar being shot in the head.

According to CBS, no dash cam video of Jamar's shooting exists, claims BCA Superintendent Drew Evans.

Evans did admit that there are other videos of the incidents surrounding Clark's shooting. There is video from a public housing camera, as well as video from an ambulance. Add to those two videos the video footage from an Elks Club security video across the street from the shooting of Jamar, as well as a mobile police camera video, and there are plenty of Clark videos that can be released.
"...after the BCA announced Clark's death, Evans also said no police dash cam video existed."
A search for Jamar Clark videos on YouTube hasn't yet turned up videos of Clark's shooting as of this writing. There are reports that citizens were recording the melee, but it may have been the aftermath of Jamar's shooting. According to police, the officers were not wearing body cams. The trouble began, cops allege, when they were called to an area in north Minneapolis at nearly 1 a.m. amid assault reports. They say a man was getting in the way of EMTs assisting a victim, and when cops tried to calm him down, a struggle ensued and the man was shot.

Clark did not have a weapon when he was shot in the head, Evans confirmed. While no videos are planned to be released regarding Jamar's shooting while the investigation continues, Evans said that investigation may take two to four months -- even though the shooting of Clark will be given top priority. The social media outcry might force authorities to release the telltale videos in the case of the shooting of Jamar, which likely could be held back to try and prevent riots.

The protest group called Black Lives Matter continued to camp at the exterior of the Minneapolis Police Department's Fourth Precinct on Tuesday regarding the shooting of Clark and the non-release of the shooting videos of Jamar thus far.

As reported by U.S. News & World Report, a reporter was arrested while covering the Clark protests.

(AP Photo/Jim Mone)