Charlie Sheen Revelation: Lady Gaga, Heather Locklear, Al Roker, Celebrities Show Support For Actor

American actor Charlie Sheen appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer earlier today and disclosed the fact that he is infected with the HIV virus, as reported by the Inquisitr.

News that Sheen’s announcement was coming broke on Monday. Heather Locklear quickly posted to Instagram in support of Sheen. Through the day today, several stars such as Lady Gaga, Al Roker, and Piers Morgan have communicated their support for the actor.

Sheen reported that he was first diagnosed with HIV about four years ago. He stated that since that time he has disclosed the fact that he had HIV with all of his many sexual partners and that he only had unprotected sex with two people, who were each informed that he had HIV beforehand, and were under the care of his doctor.

Sheen further explained that while under the treatment of his doctor, the virus became untraceable in his blood. The actor appeared to display a belief that this would protect his sexual partners from contracting HIV, according to the Inquisitr.

Sheen has also penned an open letter addressing his HIV diagnosis and the situation he found himself in, printed with E! Online. In the letter, Sheen described how, after he was diagnosed, a combination of disbelief, shame, and anger caused him to spend a period spiraling downward in a haze of drug and alcohol abuse. Despite this, Sheen insists that he remained “vigilant” with his prescribed “anti-viral” medication regimen.

At least one of Sheen’s sexual partners has recounted a story of not learning that he was HIV positive until the actor had asked her to fetch his HIV medication after having unprotected sex. The woman reportedly took photos of Sheen’s HIV medication bottles, which included his name.

Several celebrities have made statements showing support for Charlie Sheen. Lady Gaga tweeted “an opportunity for people all over the world to learn,” under the hashtag #BraveCharlie. Besides Gaga, other celebrities to congratulate Sheen on his “guts” included Piers Morgan and Al Roker.

Piers Morgan wrote a piece with the Daily Mail describing the first time he met Charlie Sheen over twenty years ago, and how when he interviewed Sheen again in 2011, during a well-publicized meltdown, the actor showed Morgan laboratory tests showing that he was completely free from any drugs.

During the interview, Morgan claims that Sheen wrote a note on the back of a paper and handed it to him. Morgan said that Sheen wrote, “Piers, let’s get hammered, love Charlie.” Morgan claims that he still has the noted framed and that it hangs on a wall in his home.

Two years after the interview, Morgan met with Sheen again, who questioned his own behavior during their previous meeting.

“Wow!” Sheen was quoted. “It’s a little bit hard to watch, a little bit cringeable. Very bizarre!”

When asked by Morgan what advice Sheen would give to his sons, he quoted something his father, actor Martin Sheen, had told him.

“Lead with the truth,” Sheen explained. “It’s what I have always done. It’s what my dad told me. You don’t have to remember the truth. The truth is unchanging.”

Morgan wrote that he has interviewed “thousands” of subjects during his career, and that few were as “upfront and genuine, or likeable” as his friend Charlie Sheen.

Heather Locklear posted a message to Instagram “My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family,” on Monday, the day before Sheen appeared on the Today Show.

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Roker was on the set of the Today Show when Sheen spoke earlier today.

“Tough road, but he is taking the right steps,” the weatherman tweeted, showing his support for Sheen, along with Lady Gaga, Morgan, and Locklear.

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