Denise Richards Offers Surprising Response To Charlie Sheen’s HIV Diagnosis?

Denise Richards has reportedly offered her first reaction to news of her ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis. On November 17, Hollywood Life claimed Denise Richards has stepped out in the wake of her ex’s big health reveal, and “despite the shocking news, she’s looking surprisingly happy.”

While out in Los Angeles, as news broke of Sheen being HIV positive, Denise Richards appeared “unfazed.” In fact, just hours before her ex-husband appeared on the TODAY show, Denise Richards was said to be “calm, cool, and collected” as she ventured out of her hope for a coffee run.

“Donning casual attire in jeans, a plaid shirt, sweater boots, and a loose braid, [Denise Richards] even managed to crack a smile as Charlie’s HIV news was making headlines. While [Denise Richards] gave no initial thoughts after Charlie made his official announcement, her first physical reaction to the shocking reports were almost suggested that maybe she isn’t quite as affected as some of Charlie’s other exes!”

Following Sheen’s revelation, his ex-girlfriend Bree Olson appeared on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show, The Howard Stern Show, where she spoke of their 2011 relationship, claiming she was never informed of his diagnosis, despite his claim of having told his partners he wasn’t clean. According to an Us Weekly report hours ago, Bree Olson confirmed she was “so upset,” but explained that after being tested, she received good news that confirmed she had not been infected.

Denise Richards’ ex appeared on the November 17 episode of TODAY, via Hollywood Life, where the 50-year-old actor participated in a tell-all interview with Matt Lauer, admitting he discovered he was HIV positive in 2011, when he was still married to his former wife, Brooke Mueller, the mother of his twin sons, 6-year-old Bob and Max.

For weeks leading up to his shocking reveal, rumors swirled regarding an HIV positive actor, who had reportedly been linked to a number of famous women. In one report, shared by the Daily Mail on November 13, it was noted that the then-mystery celebrity had dated “an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a model.”

While Denise Richards wasn’t named in the report, it is now clear that she was one of the women listed.

In a separate Hollywood Life report, it was noted that Denise Richards was concerned about the potential downward spiral her former husband, and father of her two oldest daughters, Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, may face now that he’s revealed he is HIV positive.

Denise Richards “has been in constant contact with [him] since he’s publicly announced his status,” a source close to Denise Richards revealed, adding that the actress has “always supported him with this in the past but now she feels Charlie needs her more than ever.”

“[Denise Richards] knows very well Charlie’s extremely emotional and volatile. One minute he’s up and within seconds, he could flip and go to a very dark place. Coming clean publicly about his status was one of the hardest things he’s had to do, and it’s opened him up to lawsuits, public scorn and shame.”

“[Denise Richards] fears he could go into a self-destruction mode,” added the source.

For now, Denise Richards is said to be “keeping a close eye” on her ex, while giving “as much love and encouragement as she possibly can.”

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