Zayn Malik ‘Befour’ Song Preview Hints At What New Album Will Sound Like

Zayn Malik’s “Befour” got an early preview before its release. The fans have been waiting months for the solo Zayn Malik. “Befour” gives a taste of what’s in store for the album, or at least what the progress is now.

It’s likely Zayn won’t announce the time or day he will release the full track. At least on the production side of things, we know the song is almost finished. Zayn Malik’s new album shouldn’t be far off.

Nobody has much info on the new project. Zayn assured fans again in the Fader video that it’s a side of him that nobody has seen. He says that it will feature a more authentic feel that he couldn’t reveal during his time with One Direction. After breaking away from the group, he wants to share music that is more personal than anything he has been able to do before now.

The Fader interview is Malik’s first in-depth interview since leaving One Direction. It should finally give fans the scoop on what has been going on in all these months. Another thing is that the full interview won’t be released until 6 p.m. EST tonight.

The video was filmed near Zayn’s house, outside London. He gives us the full, tattooed, no shirt view, meant to show the world that he can stand on his own as a music star. And once Zayn Malik’s new album is released to the world, we’ll have the complete answer to the question of whether Zayn Malik will be the next Justin Timberlake. Zayn has already revealed via Fader more solid reasons why he went solo. The sound and vibe give a sense of the new album, too.

“I don’t feel like people really know what I’m going to give them, musically. And once they hear it, I feel like they will understand me a little bit more, and they’ll understand why I did what I did, and why I left the band, and why I had to write this sh*t down. Because for five—not even for five years, for ten years, this album has been in my brain, and it’s just been there, sat with me, needing to be out.”

Well, whatever the case, it better have been worth the ten-year wait. Fans also need an explanation for why he calls the song “Befour.” Perhaps it’s because these were ideas being held onto all this time, only this year becoming brave enough to push them out there.

If the sound snippet is anything representative of the new album, then it’s probably going to be a deep dance, dub, electro affair, if “Befour” is anything to go by. Zayn needs a sound that can distance him from One Direction and get away from what he sees to be restricting his creativity. Coming out with a totally new sound like this may be the ticket that gets him to solo success.

Forget Justin Timberlake, Rolling Stone thinks that Malik should take tips from Justin Bieber. They note how Bieber has opened up and given fans a sense of what he really thinks, and exposed himself with a type of transparency that Zayn could only dream of with One Direction. One Direction fans still don’t get the full story when any controversy pops up with the band. Zayn should now have a chance to not only reveal himself, but also say the things about One Direction which 1D’s current members are forbidden from talking about to the public.

Zayn Malik’s “Befour” should drop any day now, and the new album should come soon after. He might just make the rest of the 1D boys jealous.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]