Corey Simms’ Father Reacts To ‘Teen Mom 2’ Leah Messer Losing Custody Of Twins

Corey Simms’ father, Jeff, spoke out in his defense on November 16. After witnessing some odd claims from fans on Twitter, likely posts that were made in Leah Messer’s favor, Corey Simms’ dad responded to news of the Teen Mom 2 star’s custody lost, insisting that the judge ruled in his 5-year-old granddaughters’ best interests.

Corey Simms’ father has been active on social media for the last several weeks since his son chose to delete his account amid rumors he quit Teen Mom 2 after filming Season 6. Around the same time, Corey Simms’ wife, Miranda, made her account private, which has led many fans to wonder what’s going on with their lives.

In July, Life & Style revealed the following in regard to Corey Simms’ possible exit from MTV, as well as that of Messer’s second husband, Jeremy Calvert, who divorced her months ago amid rumors of cheating and drug use.

“[Corey Simms] is done with the show. He’s told MTV he will not return for another season. He doesn’t think the money is worth the aggravation anymore… Jeremy also wants out of Teen Mom, but he hasn’t made any formal moves yet.”

Following the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, Corey Simms and wife Miranda welcomed their first child together, Remington Monroe, the third child for Corey Simms and the first for Miranda. However, the baby’s arrival didn’t come without incident, as she arrived months early and was required to stay in the ICU in the weeks that followed.

Last week, just days after the birth of his third daughter, Corey Simms was said to have sued his ex-wife, Messer, claiming she had stolen at least $20,000 from his daughters’ trust funds. At the time, a source told In Touch Weekly that Corey Simms suspected Messer had taken around $10,000 from Ali’s account and at least an additional $10,000 from their daughter Aleeah’s account.

“[Corey Simms] is taking Leah to court. He is furious that she took that money. That was the girls’ money — not Leah’s. [Corey Simms]’s going to do whatever he can to make sure it’s put back.”

As the report continued, Messer was accused of making bad financial decisions, which was a topic her ex-husband, Calvert, spoke of on Teen Mom 2 Season 6. While chatting on the show, Calvert spoke of his then-wife’s shopping habit, and she admitted she isn’t the best shopper. According to the site, Messer’s expensive taste for gadgets includes devices like iPads and iPhones.

“[Corey Simms] adores those kids,” the source added. “And you better believe that he’s going to make sure that Leah doesn’t do anything to jeopardize their future.”

A while later, a source confirmed to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Corey Simms was not actually suing Messer, although he was said to be unsure where his daughters’ trust fund money had gone.

“[Corey Simms] has not taken any action at all against Leah. He has no idea where this story came from and does not have a court date set up to discuss the issue.”

However, while Corey Simms has not yet sued his former wife, the source claimed he “doesn’t know where that money is. He has not been able to locate it yet.”

Corey Simms has yet to officially confirm or deny his exit from Teen Mom 2.

[Photo via Twitter]