‘Destiny’ 2.0.2 Update Puts Weapon Parts And Legendary Swords On Sale

Bungie put an exclamation point on a busy day for Destiny by deploying the 2.0.2 update to the PlayStation and Xbox shooter on Tuesday. Some welcome changes were included such as a fix for the Hunter Nightstalker Super ability, along with vendor-focused ways for players to get more Weapon Parts and Legendary Swords, plus a much needed change to the “Crucible Forged” quest chain.

The length of the Destiny 2.0.2 update is too long to post here without drawing the ire of editors. Please visit Bungie’s website for the complete list. However, the highlights include re-enabling the “Quiver” perk for Nightstalker Hunters. As previously covered by Inquisitr, a glitch was discovered just prior to the start of the first Trials of Osiris for The Taken King that allowed Hunters an infinite number of shots with their Super ability. Bungie removed the perk temporarily so that it could be fixed without drastically affecting gameplay balance.

Iron Banner rewards were also drastically improved with an increased drop rate of Legendary Gear along with packages at ranks 3 and 5 plus the chance for Ghost Shells and Artifacts to drop. You can check out the full details for the November Iron Banner event and all of the changes here.

Destiny players in dire need of Weapon Parts to upgrade and infuse weapons can rejoice. Banshee-44 is now selling the parts in his store. The exchange rate is 5 weapon parts for 250 Glimmer, which means those that are sitting at the cap of 25,000 Glimmer can (relatively) quickly gain 500 Weapon Parts.

Since Weapon Parts will be plentiful going forward, Bungie has reduced reputation gains for turning in weapon parts with the in-game Factions. They now sit at 50 reputation points per 25 parts, down from 75 reputation points.

Meanwhile, Lord Shaxx now sells Legendary Swords for those that have completed the “Blademaster” quest and obtained an Exotic Sword. This cuts down some of the grind required to level up an alternate character and go through all of the necessary quest steps just to obtain a Legendary Sword. A single character can now obtain all three Exotic Swords and skip the first part of the multi-step guide that Inquisitr provided.

Destiny Fallen SABER (PlayStation, Xbox)

There are a large number of Crucible fixes with the “Crucible Forged” quest chain that unlocks Lord Shaxx’s weekly bounties greatly simplified. Wins are no longer necessary to progress as completions will count too, which should greatly reduce the amount of time grind through the quest. Don’t forget that Bungie previously made this an account wide quest, so it only has to be completed on one character to be unlocked for all.

Here are the rest of the Destiny 2.0.2 update highlights.


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to go out of environment during the Fallen S.A.B.E.R strike

Crucible General

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Mercy Rule from properly disabling players from joining in-progress
  • Warlock Radiance kills will now award +10 points to bring it in line with other Supers.
  • These points stack on grenade, melee, and precision bonuses
  • Radiance kills in the Crucible now include all kills during Radiance, with both weapons and abilities
  • This simplifies the “Sheathed in Flame” Warlock-specific Crucible bounty and final step of the “Master of Flame” quest involving Radiance kills
  • Fixed an issue where the Crucible faction rank-up package icon was incorrectly using the Vanguard icon
  • Drop rates for Legendary Items in Normal Crucible have been increased


  • Adjusted Rumble landing positions on Frontier for better spacing
  • Moved Heavy ammo crates on Asylum
  • Added Asylum to the Skirmish playlist
  • Added invisible physics and kill volumes to prevent players from going out-of-bounds on The Burning Shrine, Frontier, and Vertigo
  • Fixed text in the introduction to Widow’s Court

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[Image via Bungie]