Vicki Gunvalson Says She's Willing To Fix Friendship With Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge Sends Vicki A Tweet

Vicki Gunvalson shared some good news with her fans on Sunday. The Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed that her daughter, Briana Culberson, and her family will be moving back to Orange County from Oklahoma.

Vicki tweeted that Briana and Ryan Culberson's offer on a house in Orange County was just accepted. Briana and Ryan moved to Oklahoma about two years ago because he, a Marine, was transferred to a base there.

Briana has appeared frequently on Real Housewives with her mom for all her ten years on it. On the past few seasons, Briana made clear that she despises and doesn't trust Vicki's now-ex, Brooks Ayers. On Season 10, Briana, in a scene with Tamra Judge, said that Brooks lied about having pancreatic cancer in the past. In another scene, Briana and Vicki argued after Briana said that she and her two young sons will stay in a hotel during their visit to Orange County rather than stay in Vicki's house with Brooks. On the reunion show, Briana, sitting next to her mom, said that she believes that her mom is now in shock after realizing that she has been duped by Brooks and has let him destroy and compromise her relationships with family and friends.

In response to Vicki's tweet about Briana moving back to Orange County, one viewer wrote that it probably has a lot to do with the fact that Vicki has finally decided to end things with Brooks. Vicki agreed.

Last week, after Brooks admitted that he fabricated medical documents in an attempt to prove to the other housewives and viewers that he does have cancer, Vicki did an interview with Extra, in which she said that she hates Brooks and will never let him back in her life.

Another fan who congratulated Vicki Gunvalson on the Briana news added that it's now time to make things right with Shannon Beador. Vicki said that she will do her part to fix the friendship, but that Shannon has to be willing to do her part, as well.

Vicki's statement may not sit well with Shannon, since Shannon made clear during the reunion show that she didn't do anything wrong to Vicki and that Vicki has yet to hold herself accountable for the demise of their friendship.

Surprisingly, another person who responded to Vicki's tweet about Briana's impending move back to Orange County is Tamra Judge. Tamra tweeted her surprise at the news.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tamra declared in October that she has decided to cut Vicki out of her life due to Vicki constantly saying that no one from the show has been supportive of her. Tamra wrote in a blog post that she has in fact been there for Vicki, even after filming the reunion show. Does Tamra's tweet mean that she now wants to communicate, and possibly be friends, with Vicki again?

On Sunday, Shannon and Tamra and their families actually had dinner together at Javier's Cantina & Grill. Shannon posted a photo of everyone sitting at the dinner table.

One viewer commented to Shannon that she forgives people too easily. The viewer pointed out that Tamra treated her horribly last season. Shannon replied that she actually doesn't forgive people easily, and that she and Tamra have worked hard to regain their friendship, which she described as "authentic and genuine."
"Actually I don't forgive easily. Tamra and I have worked very hard to regain our friendship and it is authentic and genuine!"
Coincidentally, Shannon and Tamra ran into Heather at the restaurant. Heather posted a photo of the three of them leaning in close to one another.Another viewer expressed shock that Shannon Beador is now so friendly with Heather Judge and Tamra Beador when they treated her so horribly last season, even when they knew that her husband, David Beador, was cheating on her. Shannon replied that back then, Heather and Tamra only heard rumors of the affair. She explained that she, Heather, and Tamra have worked out everything. Shannon then added that she's friends with people who take responsibility for their actions. Could that line have been a reference to Vicki Gunvalson, whom Shannon accused during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show of having no remorse over the fact that she told others about David's affair when she knew she was supposed to keep it a secret?
"They didn't know about the affair. Only heard rumors. We have worked thru everything. Lots of time spent together off camera. We were all going through our own individual 'crises' at the time. I am friends with people that own their part in things."
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