Scheana Marie Gives Update On Mike Shay’s Alcohol And Drug Battle

Last night on a new episode of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Marie spoke out about what has been going on with her husband, Mike Shay. Things were not going well, and Mike was actually battling issues with drugs and alcohol. Fashion & Style shared an update from Scheana on how her husband is doing now. Things are really looking up for the couple.

Mike Shay actually left the house and went to stay with his parents for a few days. Scheana Marie was heartbroken, and it was obviously affecting her job. This season of the show was filmed six months ago, so they have had some time to work on the situation. Scheana went on Twitter and shared an update with her fans saying that Mike is doing well. Scheana Marie didn’t share a ton of details, but Mike is doing well now, and it sounds like it will all air on this season’s show. She shared that viewers will get to see how things go with them, so it sounds like this will be a big focus on Vanderpump Rules this season.

On Twitter, Shay also shared how they were doing. Scheana Marie stood by his side during a really tough time in his life. It looks like this couple has made it through it all, and he even gave a little shout out to the movie Ted.


Lisa Vanderpump also shared her thoughts on her Bravo blog, and she cares about Scheana Marie and Mike Shay a lot.

“I really hated seeing Scheana break down, because she really worships Shay. And that’s one relationship in this company that I thought was rock solid. Scheana so much wants to fix this problem that she’s taking it on herself, she’s blaming herself like it’s her fault. And it’s not her fault. I hate to see Scheana struggling, but she doesn’t understand. I’ve been married 33 years, and sometimes the first year can be the hardest.”

Scheana Marie shared a lot about what was going on with her and Mike Shay last night on Vanderpump Rules. People shared that her husband was drinking a lot, but he was also mixing his prescription pills with it. Scheana Marie revealed that they were not perfect.

“The truth is everything isn’t great. It’s not perfect. And I keep trying to act like everything’s okay. It’ll get better. I just keep telling myself, ‘It’ll be okay, and it’ll get better.'”

Scheana shared that his problems started all around Christmas last year. Mike Shay would take a Vicodin for knee pain, but then he would drink along with it, which is not a good combination. A year later, things are looking up for Mike Shay. It sounds like he only battled this problem for a few months. It is unknown if Mike Shay had to go to rehab or if he just found a way to handle it on his own. Regardless, things are looking better and you won’t want to miss watching it all.


Don’t miss new episodes of Vanderpump Rules on Monday nights on Bravo. You will get to see how Mike Shay gets help for this battle and how Scheana Marie handles it all in the long run. This is going to be a great season of the show and hopefully one that isn’t full of drama and instead shows some of the good things that are going in the lives of Scheana Marie and Mike Shay as well.

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]