Bruce Willis Responds To Fan’s ‘Die Hard’ Proposal For A New Movie

What happens when a huge Die Hard fan decides to take out a page-long ad to display his own movie pitch for a new installment in the series? Well, if you’re Eric D. Wilkinson, it’s a response from the star of the franchise itself, Bruce Willis.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the mega fan of the franchise decided to take an ad out to describe what he would do for the sixth installment of the Die Hard series. Instead of a prequel, which is what Fox announced they’re doing for the next film, the indie producer and writer wants to see Bruce Willis embody John McClane in present-day. In this version, McClane is wrongfully charged with the murder of a sex trafficker.

Although McClane is hypothetically behind bars, that doesn’t mean that the action is gone from this “new” version of Die Hard. In this version the fan wants Willis to embody McClane as he’s caught up in “a prison riot masterminded by an unrelated terrorist organization.”

Even though the plot of this film is all hypothetical, it got the attention of Bruce Willis. It isn’t surprising that someone from the franchise is responding, because there hasn’t been anyone gutsy enough to take out an ad for a movie pitch on an already-established franchise. Willis was asked at the opening of his Broadway show Misery in New York City.

While he didn’t seem as enthused as other people were by the movie pitch, he did part with some words. “It seems far away right now. I don’t know.”

As stated, Fox announced that the next installment of Die Hard will focus on John McClane’s early days as a cop. Although there’s no script yet, it’s said that we will see how the young John McClane came to be, with an actor playing the young McClane and Willis returning as the present version.

Back in October, Willis told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s a really cool idea, because it’s the origin story. It’s gonna happen at the beginning of this. We’re going to bounce back and forth.” No word on who production is looking to cast as a young John McClane, but it’s definitely huge shoes to fill.

One fan has a strong opinion about who should play a young Bruce in the prequel.

Previous cast member of the 1988 film Die Hard, actor Reginald VelJohnson said of his own character Sgt Powell coming back for the prequel, “How many times can this guy get into trouble and then get out of it on his own? So it would have to be something unique. Maybe you could have John McClane fighting zombies, that could work.”

As for what Willis is up to now, he’s currently starring on Broadway opposite Laurie in the play Misery, based on the Stephen King thriller. The play is currently getting solid reviews. The Hollywood Reporter says of Willis, ” His non-characterization fails to convey any discernible traits of a writer, let alone an author of historical pulp desperate to liberate his inner literary genius.”

That said, the review goes on to say that fans of the actor will be happy to see him on stage, but if they’re looking for a nuanced performance they won’t see it on the stage.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images]