Miranda Lambert Continues To Wonder When Her Ex’s New Relationship Began As Photos Of Nanny Mindy Mann In L.A. Hit The Web

Miranda Lambert reportedly has major questions about her ex-husband Blake Shelton’s romance with Gwen Stefani. Following a SMN Weekly report, which claimed Miranda Lambert wasn’t surprised by news of her ex’s new relationship, a second report, via KDramaStars on November 16, has alleged Stefani is “anxious” about Miranda Lambert’s possible communication with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

In a November 17 report by Realty Today, a headline reads, “Miranda Lambert Divorce: Blake Shelton Hooked Up With Gwen Stefani Before Split? ‘Two of a Crime’ Singer Thinks They Cheated on Her and Gavin Rossdale,” and in the report, Miranda Lambert’s alleged suspicions were revealed.

While Miranda Lambert has yet to speak publicly about her feelings about her Voice co-stars’ relationship, she continues to be faced with allegations of suspicious, and in one report, it was revealed that Miranda Lambert reportedly had plans to meet with Rossdale in hopes of getting to the bottom of when her ex’s relationship really began.

As Miranda Lambert’s alleged suspicions continue, Rossdale’s alleged mistress, former nanny Mindy Mann, has returned to Los Angeles, where she was recently photographed outside of her home in Toluca Lake, California. In photos shared by E! News on November 16, Mann is seen wearing a white and black striped shirt with a pair of black pants and bright red shoes.

Miranda Lambert and her former partner were married for four years before announcing their split this past July. Then, just one month later, Stefani and Rossdale announced they, too, were parting ways.

Although the couple’s current romance wasn’t announced until earlier this month, rumors have swirled regarding when it actually began, mainly due to the fact that they’ve spent so much time together in recent years while working on The Voice.

Weeks ago, following news of the new romance, a source revealed how Miranda Lambert was handing things.

“[Miranda Lambert] tried to seem happy, but you could tell she was hurting,” an eyewitness at Wednesday’s Country Music Awards told Entertainment Tonight. “It was a great night for [Miranda Lambert] because she won an award, but still hard for her.”

At one point during the show, when Miranda Lambert was “complimented on her dress,” the source continued to Entertainment Tonight, “her stylist said, ‘See! It is your revenge dress,’ and [Miranda Lambert] responded, ‘Absolutely!'”

Around the same time, a source spoke to E! News, claiming Shelton and Stefani’s romance was “a bit hard to digest” for Miranda Lambert, who took home one of the night’s awards, but said she was “making the most of single life and her success.”

“[Miranda Lambert] was so happy to win. It lit up her night!”

That said, E! News’ source claimed Miranda Lambert “was a bit uncomfortable” by the show’s hosts, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, “poking fun of her and Blake.”

Although Miranda Lambert doesn’t appear to be dating quite yet, the source went on to hint that she was open to the possibility of finding love in the future.

“[Miranda Lambert] is single now and talking to a few people… [she’s] just having fun and not taking anything too seriously!”

Despite rumors regarding Miranda Lambert’s communication with Rossdale, there doesn’t appear to be any actual proof that the two musicians have had any contact with one another, either in regard to their exes’ romance or otherwise. Instead, Miranda Lambert is focused on her music and preparing for her 2016 tour.

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